Elizabeth Read alias Cubbon 1677

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Date: 19 July 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #012 Arbory will of Elizabeth Read alias Cubbon, dated 20 April 1677, Ballakilpatrick plus 
mortgage in Aristine, Arbory, husband xxxx [John] Read, who was previously married, was not mentioned: 
Summary: husband xxxx [John] Read, stepdau Elizabeth Read; sister Ann Cubbon, dau Alice Read, sis Ellin Cubbon 
(& son John Gell), Ann Gell executrix,  also: (?sisters) Margaret & Ann Cubbon & their sister Alice Cubbon,  
William Cubbon, William Stowell, Henry Keig of Aristine, Arbory, Nicholas Cubbon
son: Arbory parish register:  George Read  christened 22 May 1665 Arbory, to John Read & Elizabeth / Bessy Cubbon
?relationship:  ArW 1680A #17 Rushen of Isabel Read als Crebbin als Lowey: eldest son William Crebbin; son in law 
Thomas Cubbon; 4 children; husband Henry Read; stepson Richard Read; grandchild Ann Cubbon; dau Ann Crebbin, dau 
Margaret; son Richard Crebbin who fa is dead; youngest son is underage
?relationship: ArW 1661A #78 Arbory, of Thomas Cubbon, died 1 November 1662: eldest son John Cubbon, dau Christian, 
son Nicholas, wife alive, his 4 children are exec (only 3 children are named), Henry Kegg is a witness
?relationship::  ArW 1663A #122 Arbory of William Cubbon son of Thomas Cubbon, warden of KK Arbory, William died 
15 September 1663: sister Christian Cubbon; mother Ann Cubbon alias Kegg; brother John exec

April ye 20th 1677 Balle:K:Patrick KK A----- In ye name of God Amen, Eliz: Read (als) Cubbon sick in body bu----[torn] praised be God for ye same: Imprs: committed her soule to God, & her bodie ----[torn] Itt: she left to ye poor at all=Hallow=Tide 1 boll of mault & a pecke ----[torn] and 2 geese if any be then remaining; It: She left to ye minister his cho----[torn] yards of linnen cloath; Itt: She left to her sister Ann Cubbon 2s Legacy; Itt: She ----[torn] sister Ellin Cubbon & her daughter Ailece 20s Legacy, and her qrter of ----[torn] Ellin alone; Itt: She left to her sisters son John Geyll dimi: an oxe, 1 sheep ----[torn] old wooden plowgh; Itt: She left to her step=daught: Eliz: Read 1 blanquett; Itt: ----[torn] Left upon Margt: & Ann Cubbons to pay 2d to Willm: Stoill, and they to receiv ----[torn] them, being in their own hands and if ye other sister viz Ailece make any str----[torn] that the Decedent cutt her off with 6d legacy; Itt: She left to Wm Cubbon ----[torn] Itt: She left to Hen: Kegg 6s in his own hands legacy; Itt: She cutt off Nich: Cubon ----[torn] 6d Legacy; Itt: it was her will that the meadow in morgage in Aristine, that the ----[torn] make ye summ yt was laid out upon it, at any time, from ye heir, after he came to ----[torn] She left to Phinlow Comish 2s Legacy; Itt: She constituted, appointed & o----[torn] Ann Geyll exrix: of all ye rest of her goods moveable & unmoveable Stc: Testamts: Nich: Harrison X } Probatum et solv----[torn] Willm: Cubbon X } jurati Sam: Robinson X The Executrix at age is sworn in Court ----[torn] given in pledges Willm Cubbon & Nicholas H----[torn] The Inventory of Eliz: Read prizd by 4 sworn men viz: Willm Costeen Will: Cubon, Wm Crellin, and Wm Watson amounts to .......12£ - 06s - 0----[torn] Debts due to ye Testatrix: Imprs: Jo: Watson of KK Christ Rushen ......... 03----[torn] Itm: from Henry Kegg of Aristine in the parish of KK Arbory ............... 01 ----[torn] Itm: from Mr Atturney Qualtrogh in KK Christ Rushen ....................... 00 ----[torn] More added to the above Inventory pric;d by the above named 4 men.... 01 ----[torn]

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