Mary Cregeen alias Kennaugh 1677

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Date: 19 July 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #013 Arbory of Mary Cregeen / Credeen alias Kennaugh, dated 20 February 1677/8: 

	KK Arbory	20th ffebr:   77

[torn]------ ----- Amen Mary Credgeen (als) Kendaig sick in body, but of perfect memory
[torn]-- ----- for ye same  Imprs: committed her soule to God & her body to X?ian burriall 
[torn]---- ---- husband Richard Credgeen 1 cowe & 3 p of netts out of ye whole Legacy
[torn]--- ---- her son Patrick as much netts as would serve a qrter of a boat.    Itttm: -----[fold]   
her daughter Margt her linnens, a litle chest, and one sheet;  Itt: She left t-----[fold]   
Donald 1 sheet.   Itt: She left to her son Patrick 1 blanquet.   Itt: she left to y-----[fold]   
all Hallowtide 1 furl: of malt & 2 Kishens of wheat.   Itt: she left to Jo-----[fold]   
or 2 pound of fflaxe;   Itt: She left to her son Patr: halfe ye house, halfe ye garden -----[fold]   
halfe ye ground, and the said Patr: to be good to his ffather;   Itt: she cuts off W-----[fold]   
---as and Margt with 6d apiece Legacy;  Itt: she leaves her son Donald 2 sh-----[fold]   
---ership without Debt;  Itt: she leave to ye sd Donald halfe a pott;   Itt: she left -----[fold]   
--ouse 1 table 1 barrell a churn, and a keeve without prizment;   Itt: she left -----[fold]   
--ister 1 shilling;   Itt: she constituted appointed & ordained her son Patr: exec: of -----[fold]   
rest of ye goods moveable & immoveable;   Itt: she left ye lime ground to Patrick &  
					he to pay ye debts
Testes	Hen: Corrin X   }
	Jony Harrison X } jurati  	Probatum et solvit xijd
	Sam: Robinson   }
			   The Executr: at age are sworne in Court ac-----[fold]   
			   to law

The Inventory of Mary Kenaig prizd by 4 sworn men viz: Hen: Watson, --------[fold]   
Kelly, Hen: Corrin & Wm Qualtrough:   amounts to ye sum of ........02£ - 02s - 02d
	Pledges given according to law Willm: Cubbon & Nicholas Harrison

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