Henry Quirk 1677

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Date: 19 July 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #015 Patrick will of Henry Quirk, died 20 February 1676/7: 

	K Patricke  June the 26th 77	At a Co-----[torn]    
					Peel town 

The last will and testament of Henry Quirke who departed this l-----[torn]    
20th of Feb: 1676;   First he bequeathed his soule to God and his body to Ch-----[torn]    
buriall;   It: He left to the poore three peckes of malt halfe a firlett of whea-----[torn]    
It: he left to his brother William six pence;   It: he left to his sister Margr-----[torn]    
xijd   It: he left John Quirke five shillinge and a quarter of the croppe 
of corne   It: he left to John Quilliam five shillings and constituted and 
ordained his wife his true and lawfull exec: to all his goods   It: he 
left the Croft to Phillip Quirke for twentie yeares 
			Dept due from Captaine Thomas Ratcliffe 5s
Testes	Phillip Kelly    }
	Phillip Quilliam } jurati	Probatum et solvit  xijd

Invent: of the goods priced by Phillip Kelly John Quilliam Tho: Quilliam John Farcher 
beinge sworne
It: halfe an oxe .............................. 15 - -d 
It: halfe a cowe .............................	5 - 0 

The Executr: sworn in Court according to law 
and hath given in pledges Philip Quiliam, Philip K-----[torn]    

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