Ann Callister alias Cannell 1677

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Date: 29 July 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #022 Michael will of Ann Callister alias Cannell, died 8 April 1676: 
Summary:  son Hugh Callister, husband is not mentioned, also: Margaret Teare, William Stephen, Daniel Stephen,   
witnesses: John Cannell & John Mylrea,  pledge: Gilbert Callister
Michael parish register:  Ann Clister als Cannell   buried 9 April 1676
?son: Hugh Callister will: EpW 1712-1 Lezayre, decree
?grandson: Michael parish register:  Hu Callister (Kion Droughad)    buried  2 Dec 1749
       ?Hugh Callister married Jane       on 30 May 1693  in Michael Parish
       ?Lezayre parish register:  Jane Callister als Killip   buried 8 January 1705/6
      ?Michael parish register:   Jane Calister als Taubman    buried 24 Jun 1759

K Michael 1676 The last will & testament of Ann Calister als C----[edge] who depted this life ye 8th of April last, & being in pfect ----[edge] memory, first she bequeathed her soule to God & her body to ----[edge] buriall; It: she left to Margret Teare a kishen of barley for some s----[edge] her, and ye milk of a cow to Michaelmas next, and ye calf wholy she left to ye s----[edge] Margret Teare. Itm: she left a colt to discharge her funerall charges, Itm: she lef----[edge] to Willm: Steven 3 yards of cloth to satisfie for what she ought him, Itm: she ----[edge] knowledged yt she was satisfied from ye said Margrett Teare for her pt of a certaine fea----[edge] Itm: she left to Donold Stevan a sheep for what she ought him. Lastly she consti----[edge] & appointed her son Hugh Calistr her lawfull Executr of all ye rest of her go----[edge] moveable & unmoveable John Cannell } The execr sworne in forme of law John Molldrea } jurati The Inventory taken according pbatum est solvit xijd to law a followeth £ s d one cow ........................ 0 - 18 - 0 ye deceadts: pt of a } maere & a colt }.......... 0 - 04 - 0 one hog ........................ 0 - 01 - 0 Debts upon ye deceadt: as followeth for rent to ye Lord .......... 0 - 13 - 4 to Michael Calies wife ... 0 - 03 - 0 to Ellin Canell ............... 0 - 00 - 6 to John Mollerea ............. 0 - 00 - 6 The goods in the custody of ye execr pledges in forme of law Joh: Cannell Gilbt: Calister 1676 proved June 20th in Lezayre

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