Catharine McNameer alias Teare 1677

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Date: 29 July 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #025 Ballaugh will of Catharine McNameer alias Teare, died 24 April 1677: 

		Ballaugh   	1677

The last will and testament of Catherin Macnameer als Tear 
who departed this life ye 24th of Aprill 1677
ffirst she bequeathed her soul to God and her body to Christian 
Item to her husband ten shillings legasie
Item wheras her bro: John Tear had received five pounds 
sterling from herselfe and husband, as lent monies she willed 
that ye house where she & her husband yn lived in being build 
upon their owne charges and in a croft of her sd brothers 
xhxxx xxxxxxxr Croft  should not be restored either in 
part or whole till ye sd five pound weer fully paid and 
satisfied unto her executors and children; and being asked 
by Tho: Stean one of ye witnesses how her brother came to 
receive soe much monies from her: she replyed that some  
=time  according to his necessitie to pay ye quarters of hafe 
years rent and as her husband deserned and received it in 
her sd bro: had it by paying him sometimes 2s sometimes 3s 
till at last it ran up to ye abovesd summe   and being 
asked by her husband whether she was satisfied for ye goods 
for ye goods  due unto her by ye death of her mother she make 
answer yt he should have noe more of it for he was done wth 
Lastly she constituted and ordained her children Catherin 
Wm:   Dan:  and Jony Macnameer her true and lawfull exe=
=cutors of all ye rest of her goods moveable and imoveable 

Testes	Tho: Stean    }		    Probatum et solvit xijd
	Ffinlo Quayle } jurati

The Inventory of ye abovesd Catherin Macnameer als Tear
given in by ye Sumnr: and 4 sworne men vid Tho: Stean
Ffinlo Quayle, Tho: Stean, & Patr Crie as followeth
her   1 petticoate & 1 blankette, halfe a cover cloath }   £    s    d
and halfe a fledge, halfe a pott halfe of 2 chests     }  01 - 00 - 04 
4 yeards of cloath in ye walks milne a goate  ........ }

The goods & tuition of ye childrne in the husbands 
hand who hath given in pledges for ye same 
Nicholas Thompson & Phinloe Quaile

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