Joney Quiddy alias Oates 1677

Submitted by: Joyce M Oates
Date: 29 July 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #030 Bride will of Joney Quiddy alias Oates, died 14 December 1676: 
Summary:  husband xxxx[John] Quiddy is not mentioned, only brother David Oates
will of husband: ArW 1672A #47 Andreas will of John Quiddy, wife Joney Oates:  son John Quiddy, dau Margery Quiddy (has a 
contract bargain), wife Joney Oates, also: Catharine Goldsmith, John Lace clerk, John Lace senior, John Quark & Edmund Quark
will of father: ArWill 1659#52 Bride, of Henry Oates, died 25 December 1658 intestate: son David Oates, 
son in law John Quiddy (had a contract bargain), dau Joney Quiddy alias Oates
will of brother: ArWill 1656 #40 Andreas, of John Oates, dated 30 August 1656:  
brother David, brother William, sister Joney, also Callighoney Callow
will of brother: ArWill 1657 #36 Bride, of William Oates, died 20 June 1657, 
intestate: brother David Oates, sister Joney Oates, wife alive
will of brother in law: ArWill 1684/5 #33 Bride of David Oates, made 14 Dec 1684: 
people mentioned: John Callow, Margt Kelly, Cath Casement, Daniel & Alice Lace, 
David Sayle & his wife and daughter, wife is alive, son is alive, executor is Arthur Cowle
will of ?brother in law: ArWill 1668 #81 Andreas, of Mark Quiddy, dated 6 March 1668/69: wife is alive, son in law 
William Cowle, youngest daughter, dau Joney, also: Ine Goldsmith, John Keneen, John Lace, Sir John Huddleston

This is affirmed to bee the last will & testamt: of Jony Oats who dyed the 14 day of Dec: in pfect memory shee was at the making herof &c: Inprmis Shee committed her soule to God & her body to Xtian buryall; It: shee willed to Ma---[edge] Kelly halfe an heiffer which is at William Crenilt & two yards of cloth afte---[edge] weavng & waking & herselfe to pay all the choordges that the ij yards came ---[edge] for dressing therof; It: to the pson shee left xijd and constituted her on---[edge] brother David Oats her true & lawfull Executr: of all the rest of her goods moveable and unmoveable and to see her honestly buryed and her will tru---[edge] pformed The exec: Eagret[?] is sworne in forme of law & hath brought in a true In= ventory & given pledges to secure the office Nicholas Moore & Jo: Moore utilufra[?] Script: pbat: et solvit ---[edge] testes Wm Moore ugret[?] Kathrin Xtin iurati ---- Oats Invent prced upon oath in forme of law comes to ....2£ - 1 - 0 pledges Nicholas Moore} & Jo: Moore } in forma legis

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