Catherine Goldsmith alias Camaish 1677

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Date: 29 July 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #031 Bride will of Catharine Goldsmith alias Camaish, died December 1676:

This is affirmed to bee the last will & testamt: of Katherin Camaish who 
was in good and pfect memory at the making therof   Inprmis shee 
committed her soule to Gd &c:   It: Shee left to her brother William Camaish legasy 
xijd;   It: Shee lefte yt if her cheldren dyed under age yt then her brother W---[edge]    
Camaish should have halfe her executrship and her husband Jo: Gouldsmyth 
the other halfe   shee left 5s legasy to Jayne Gouldsmyth if her children dye 
all under age & not otherwise;   It: shee left to William Camaish daughter an 
yearling which was in her fathers keeping,   It: shee left to her husband John 
Gouldsmyth all her pte of the fishing geares,   It: shee willed yt after the 
tyth yt was pde that the remainder of the corne should not bee priced but 
left to keep the children & her husband to Michalmas next   It: shee willed 
Wm: Gouldsmyth her eldest son xs[10s] legasye   It: shee constituted & ordained 
her two children Wm & Jo: Gouldsmyth execrs: joyntly of all the rest 
of her goods moveable & unmoveable watsoevr:  
It: she left debt upon Jo: Lace Ballakelly xxxjs - vjd	Probatum est solvit ---[edge]    
It: due debt upon Nicholas Moore ....	xvs
It: due from Jo: Cowle junr: ballalargy 	xxs[20s]
------ ----- Cotter ---[torn]   				Invent -------[edge]    
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---- by p----- Joughin Jo: Crenilt, Ewan Xtin & Wm Kaighin sworne 
---- ----- her pte of two cowes ................................... 13s - 4d 
It: her pte of two horses .........................................  6s - 0 
It: all the rest were in other smale trifles prced to .....	2£ - 1s - 2d 
                                 the Totall comes to .........	2£ - 19s - 06d 
                                 besides her halfe of ye debts
more added her part of the sheep  6s .......................... 3 - 5 - 6 

The husband sworn in Court who is to have the tui----[fold]   
of the children & their goods and hath given pledges for the f------[edge]    
coming of the same Donold Christian & John Coule

The husband John Goldsmith came this day to ye Records 
and added to his wifes Inventary for his children ...... 3 - 14 - 6 
over and beside ye 3 - 5 - 6d brought in formrly
ye debts mentioned in ye will are Included 

Wm Camaish uncle to John Goldsmith children by reason the fathr:
hath freed him from being bound to keep pt of ye children, hath 
therfore acquitted himself from ever claiming any Interest 
in ye sd Johns childrens goods if they dye under age 
		wittness his mrk: 
				Wm Camaish  X

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