William Camaish 1677

Submitted by: Joyce M Oates
Date: 29 July 2017
Original: 0106203

Archdeacon Will 1677A #032 Bride will of William Camaish, died about December 1676: 

In nomine Amen,  I Wm Camaish sicke in body but who: in mynd & pfect 
memory praised be God, make my last will & testamt: as followeth &C:  
Inprmis I committ my soule to God & my body to Xtian buryall;  It: to 
the poore the drinke of a firt: of malt & soe much as is necessary wth it 
bee given at the night I ---- lodaid,   It: I leave to Sam Xtin a lamb 
legasy & another to his mother;   It: to halfe fir: barley & an old shute of ---[fold]    
to his brother Ewan Camaish;   It: hee left to his brother Jo: Xtin of ---[fold]    
one yearlinge & to be supvisor of his children wth Marke Camaish h---[fold]    
eldest son;   It: I leave to Marke Quarke one sheepe & lambe;   It: I leave to ---[fold]    
wife my pte of a heiffer;   It: I leave to the pson a mutton legasye;   ---[fold]    
I leave to my eldest son Marke Camaish all my worldly goods mov---[fold]    
& unmoveable & he to bee my sole execut: & to give to my eldest dau---[fold]    
vij pds for her portion, & to my son John Camaish 3pds

testes	Wm Kaighin	}		Probatum et solvit xijd
	Wm Joughin  	}  jurati
	Wm Howlayne 	}

It: after this will maide he left in the prsence of Wm Joughin Wm ---[fold]    
other aforsd witnesses his pte of the ryding horse to his wife legasy ---[fold]    
to his daughter Kath: Camaish two sheepe that was in the Downes 
and nis wife to have the use of the great chest while she stayes in ---[fold]    
Wm Joughin	}	the execut at lawfull yeares & ye Invent is priced ---[fold]    
Wm Howlayne	}	forme of law to .................................. 16£ ---[fold]    

----- ---us c---- ---n ----su--arton 

The Exectr: at age and sworn in Court and hath g---[fold]    
----- ------ [crumbled bottom edge] ------ ------ 

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