Robert Kewley (junior) 1677

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Archdeacon Will 1677A #045 Braddan will of Robert Kewley junior, died 27 January 1677/8: 
Summary:  wife [Jane ?Stean/Stephen] is alive (remarried to Philip Cowley), children: William 
(died by November 1692) & Esther (of age by 1683) & John (of age by December 1693) & Philip (in Dublin by 1716) 
Kewley, brother Robert Kewley senior, nephew William Kewley, also: Edward Clague son of Philip Clague,  
Robert Lewin & his brother's children, witnesses Philip Clague & Gilchrist/Christopher Karran
Braddan parish register:  Wm Kewley son of Robert Kewley  christened 17 Dec 1665 Braddan
Braddan parish register:  Esther Kewley dau of Robert Kewley  christened 8 Apr 1667 Braddan
Braddan parish register:  Philip Kewley son of Robert Kewley  christened 6 April 1676 Braddan
will of brother: ArW 1663A #88 Braddan, of William Kewley: ?daughter Joney Kewley, no wife is mentioned; 
sis Alice & her children; Joney Fargher & her children; sister Joney (?married, not mentioned in motherís decree); 
bro Robt senior (eldest), bro Robt junr, sister Isabel; sister Margaret exec, father is dead, mother recently dead;   
also: godson William Brew; John Cotter, godson Robt Lewin son of Robt
will of mother:  ArW 1663A #90 Braddan, of Joney Kewley alias Kewley, died 27 March 1663, intestate: 4 children 
Robert senior, Robert junior, Margaret, & Isabel Kewley (one child is an idiot)
? Braddan parish register:   Philip Cowley  buried 3 December 1716
?wife's 2nd husband:  ArW 1716 #6 Braddan of Philip Cowley, died December 1716: wife Jane (feeble & ancient, 
alive on 13 Nov 1717), granddau Margaret Corrin, grandson John Corrin, son in law John Corrin, son xxxx Cowley 
(has children), dau Averick,  also: Jane Corrin, granddaus Catharine & Mary Corrin, 
? Braddan parish register:   Averick Cowley christened 12 April 1679 Braddan daughter of Philip Cowley
? Braddan parish register:   Margaret Cowley christened 23 Dec 1683 Braddan daughter of Philip Cowley 
? Braddan parish register: Philip Cowley married Mally/Mary Clague about 1699 Braddan: children born about 1705 - 1725
? Braddan parish register:   a child of Philip Cowley    buried 14 March 1685
?will of wife: see Episcopal Will 1718-2 of Jane Cowley [?als Kewley] als Stean/Stephen

Braddan This is Afirmed to be ye last will & Testament of Robert Kewley who depted this life ye 27th of Januarie 77: first he comitted his soule to God & his body to Christian buriall; It: he left to ye poore at halentide halfe a firlett of oate meale & a mutton & mault to be after ye discretion of his wife & shee his sd wife to have halfe his goods with ye children & to have ye tuition of ye children with ye goods & to see ym: well brought up; It: he left to his brothers son Willm: Kewley 1 sheep; It: he left to Edward Cloage son of Philip Cloage 1 sheep; It: he constituted & ordayned his 4 children viz William Ester John & Philip to be his true & lawfull executors of all ye rest of his goods moveable & unmoveable wtsoever Testes Probatum et solvit xijd Philip Cloage } Gilcrest McKaran } jurati The goods in the wifes hand who is sworne in Court and hath given pledges Jo: Stean & Philip Claug Robrt: Kewley next of Kindred on the fathers side is sworn supvisor Inventory as faloweth It: a quarter of foure[?] best ...} £ s d betwixt oxen & cowes price }................ 1 - 0 - 0 It: five sheep price .............................. 0 - 5 - 0 It: 2 goats price ................................. 0 - 2 - 0 It: a quarter of a cow & } quarter of a buloke price }................... 0 - 7 - 0 It: a quarter of four horsses price ............... 0 - 6 - 0 It: ye house hould stuffe price ................... 0 - 9 - 0 plus Dorso [next page, on the back of the above:] ---- added to the Invry: of Robrt: Kewley It: quarter of ye cropp of corne ................... 01 - 10 - 00 It: in other goods ................................. 00 - 13 - 07 Debts to be deducted out of ye whole .............. £ s d The Rent of the quartr: of ye Cropp .................. 00 - 08 - 00 It: to ye Clerk ...................................... 00 - 01 - 04 It: pd to Jo: Quilliam ............................... 00 - 00 - 06 It: allowed for reaping ye childrens pt of ye crop ... 00 - 03 - 06 It: To the Regr for adding this to ye Inventory ...... 00 - 00 - 02 Janry: ye 17th 1678 Robrt: Lewn in behalf of his brotrs: children entrs his claim agt ye execrs: of Robr: Kewley for ye sum of five shills: sterl: &c: & craveth tryall Robt: Kewley entrs: his claim agt: ye execrs: of his brother Robt Kewley for ye half of 3 calves being ye half of ye increase of a cow given his sd brother upon yt condition, also for ye half of 7s 6d given his sd brothers wife to keep, also for half of as much in coathes as he would use for a suite, promised him for a years wages & craveth tryall more debts to be deducted and allowed of by Hesther Kewley one of ye Execrs: at lawfull age, being recovered by Wm Kewley ....... 19s - 6d It: Recovered by Robrt: Kewley Senr: ................................. 17 - 8 Octobr: ye 18th 1683 This day Hester Kewley one of ye Execrs: of Robt: Kewley being at lawfull age came to ye Records & acknowledged herself fully satisfyed by her stepfather Philip Cowley in all her pt of goods due by her fathers death and acquitts him therfore & ye pledges for ye same Before me Jon: Christian Regr: Hesther X Kewley her mrk The undr: written Receipt was signed & given before me Wm Gell Register: 2 - 9 - 0 November ye 13th 1716 2 - 3 - 7 I do acknowledge to have recd: from my stepfather Philip Cowley 4 - 12 -7 for & in behalf of my Brother Philip Kewley of Dublin ye summ of 2 - 10- 8 ten shill: & six pence being ye whole of was due to him by ye Death 2 - 01 -11 of my father & doe exonerate & acquit my sd ffather his Admrs: & assigns of ye same as witness my hand Jon: Kewley my mark X [next page, on a slip of paper:] I do herby acknowledge to have att and from the hands of my stepfather Phil Cowley a just Acct and full satisfaction of all that was due unto me by the death of my brother Willm: Kewley; and do hereby acquitt, exonerate & discharge him and Executors for the same; and do desire yt ye bookes may be crost; As wittness my subscription this the 15th Nov: 1692 Hester Kewley my X mrk Signed before me Ewan Gill [next page] I doe hereby acknowledge to have received from the hands of my stepfather Philip Cowley and his wife my mother full satisfacton of all yt was due to me by the Death of my father Robrt: Kewley and do herby acquitt them my sd stepfather & mother their Executors and assignes and desire ye Register to cross the booke for ye same, as wittness my subscription this ye 3d of Dec: 1692 John Kewley my mrk X Witness Ewan Gill Ffeb: ye 19th 1719/20 Recíd from ye Isleand of Man Goods from my Brother upon Bal =lance of Accts, Between him & I, upon ye Receiveing of my ffather & Mother goods, As witness my hand Philip X Kewley his mark Witness Joseph Caddow Joh: Kelley Jon: Kermott Jon: Kermod one of ye within witnesses has deposed ye truth of ye within Discharge to Jon: Kewley Brother to Philip March 29th Before me John Curghey Vicr Genrll: 1720 Copia vera p me Geo: Gell Regr: Archidiaconis

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