Richard Quine 1677

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Date: 11 August 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #051 Malew will of Richard Quine, tailor, died 14 November 1677: 
Summary: wife Ann Quine alias Porter died 5 November 1677 (her will ArW 1677A #050 Malew), 
son William Quine, 2 daughters Jane & Ann Quine, cousin Catharine Porter, sister Jane Quine, 
next of kin on father's side: Thomas Bridson & Lewis Credeen/Cregeen, wife’s brother Gilbert Porter, 
Malew parish register:  Richard Quine, h of Ann buried 14 Nov 1677
see also:  ArW 1666A #28 Arbory, of Alice Cottier alias Porter alias Moore, dated 1 April 1667, 
husband Donald/Daniel Cottier:  2nd husband Donald/Daniel Cottier, brother William Moore (has a wife), 
daughter Catherine Porter, daughter Alice Porter of age; 1st husband xxxx Porter
kin: Malew parish register: Lewis Cregeen  buried 23 June 1720   Episcopal Will 1720-2 Malew
	Lewis Cregeen was witness to the will of Humphrey Kelly weaver will 1675A #117 Malew

QUESTION:  Was his mother xxxx Moore who married xxxx Quine, since 
his cousin is Catharine Porter, whose mother is Alice Moore?

KK Malew 1677 and November -------[torn] The last will and testament of Richard Qine who was buried November 14th 1677 and comitted his soule into the hands of Almighty god his Creator and Redeemer and his bodie to Christian buriall; Item he bequeathed to his son William Quine the houses and lands that is in the parish of KK Malew and two sutes of cloathes; Item he bequeathed to his two daughters Jane and Ann Quine his shaire of the houses and garden in Castletowne wth all his goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever; Item he bequeathed to his cousin Catherin Porter two petticoats and a waistcoat; one smock, one paire of bodies, one paire of stockins, and one paire of shoes and few ould linins Probatum et Solvit xijd Testes Edmon Kewne Phillip Brew ffebr: 7th 1677 William Quine son to the deceadent who is at lawfull yeeres ------ Jane Quine sister to the deceadent Tho: Bridson and Lewes Crideene the next of kindred to the father side and Gibt: Porter brother to the deceadents wife (wch wife was buried November the 5th 77) are swarne in form of law supvisors and to brine in to the records a perfect Inventory of all the goods moveable and unmoveable of Richard Quine and Ann his wife. Tho: Bridson and Lewes Crideene (in forma legis) have bound themselves Executors administrators and assignes for Jane Quine the aunt who takes the fathers pt of the goods that the sd goods be forthcoming for the exe= cutors when they com to age and alsoe to keep the office harromles Tho: Bridson his mrke X Lews Crideene his mrke X Humphry Sedden Henry Watterson and Jo: Quarke (in forma legis) have bound themselves executors administrators and assignes for Gibt: Porter the next of kindred to Ann Quine alis Porter deceased who hath taken the sd pt of goods belonginge to the mother for the forthcominge thereof when the administrators comes to age and to keepe the office harromles Humpry: Sedden Hen: Watterson his mrk X John Quarke his mrk X At KK Michaell Church: ffeb: ye 12th 1677/ All pties, as well supvisors, as pledges, are to appeare at or: next Court to bee houlden for Rushen Sheading; and there further give testimoney of their obligacon as above expressed, and this in penaltie of 3£ ad usum domi: wch when done then all pceedings had already, shall bee reputed valid Jo: Harrison Vicr Gls: Let this be forthcomeing, & returned to Record sub pena prdicto

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