Christian Harrison 1677

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Date: 11 August 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #052 Malew will of Christian Harrison alias Quayle alias Quay, dated 31 January 1677/8: 
Summary: 1st husband xxxx Quayle, 2nd husband xxxx Harrison is not mentioned; son Thomas Harrison, stepson Thomas 
Harrison (married), daughter Isabel Quayle, dau Joney, Edward Quayle, Thomas Keig (has a contract bargain), 
also: witnesses Thomas Parr & Isabel Fargher alias Crebbin; pledges John Bell & Willim Kinvig
Malew parish register:  Christian Harrison als Quay      buried  7 Feb 1677/8

KK Malew Jan: 31th 1677 the last will and testament of Christian Harrison alis Quay who beinge of -----[fold] and perfect memorie comitted her soule to God and her bodie to the earth; Item -----[fold] bequeathed to her sonn Tho: Harrison an incalfe cow, a blankett a petticoat carc-----[fold] and a handcarchife and willed that none of her corbes should goe out of the -----[fold] from her said son; Item she bequeathed to Issable Quaile her daughter 6d le-----[fold] and in case she would trouble her executors for som barley she clames then sh-----[fold] sixteen shillings upon the said Issable to pay to her Executors wch money she -----[fold] was in the said Issables hands to keepe for her; Item bequeathed to her son in law Tho: Harrison and wife their shaire of her cloathes wch they had taken away; -----[fold] her said daughter alsoe to have her halfe of the cow priced betwixt her selfe a-----[fold] Edward Quaile or shall have the price; Item she did cutt of Tho: Kegge w-----[fold] six pence legacie and that he should have noe part of her goods because she woul-----[fold] him to com for to looke to her in her sicknes and he would not, nor came to see h-----[fold] since Michalmas last; Item shee instituted and apointed her own son Tho: Har-----[fold] and Tho: Harrison her sonn in law her lawfull Executors Test: Tho: Parre juratus The Executors sworn in Court according to -----[fold] Isable Ffargher and have given in pledges forth to se-----[fold] alis Crobin the office Jo: Bell & Wm Kenvigg Probat: et solvit xijd [the following was crossed out:] The above will is made void by reason of two severall contract Bargan-----[fold] given by the decedr: to her other two children Jony & Issabel Harrison-----[fold] proved before ye Deemster, wherein she bound herself that her sd two daughters af-----[fold] death should have an equall share of all her goods wth her other children, by vertue -----[fold] wch contract ye Church hath decreed her four children vizt: Thomas, Issabel -----[fold] and son the Inventory viewd and priced by swarne men to witt Wm Harrison } John Harrison Jo: Ffargher and Robt: Shimin as followeth } Imprm: ould vessells a blankett 2 petticoats a carchiff, neck car=} =chiffe and peece of cloath the leavings of the windinge sheete } ould canvess and ould sack 5 quarts butter a cow dj heffer } 02 - 05-----[fold] all priced to.................................................... } ffebry: ye 26th 77 The Contraction bargains given by the decedt: to her two -----[fold] ers vizt: Issabell and Jony are first to be made good, of wt is -----[fold] fyed, and the rest of her goods to be disposed according to the Testators -----[fold] Joh: Harrison -----[fold] P: Thompson -----[fold] Tho: Keigg entrs: his claim agt: ye execrs: of Christian Qu-----[fold] for ye sum of fourth part of wt goods the sd Christian had at-----[fold] day of her death and also for ye sum of ten shills due to the claim-----[fold] by Contract bargain as will be made to appear and craveth tryall &ct

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