John Bridson 1677

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Archdeacon Will 1677A #054 Malew will of John Bridson of Ballavarvane, dated 4 January 1677/8: 
Summary:  wife Alice xxxx, eldest son Christopher, dau Catharine the elder, 
dau Catharine the younger, dau Marriad, son John
see also: John Bridson of Ballavarvane pledge for the inventoried goods of Richard Bridson will 1670A #33 Malew
will of father: Will 1653 Malew will of John Bridson of Ballavarvane, died 13 Jan 1652/3: Malew 1653: 

KK Malew Jan: 4th 1677/8 The last will and testament of Jo: Bridson of Ballavarvane who w------[torn] and perfect memory and comitted his soule to God and bodie to holy Church ------[torn] Item he bequeathed to the poore a boule of mault dj ferlett of oat meale ------[torn] the rest att the Executors discrecon, Item he bequeathed to his eldest sonn Christo: Bridson his halfe of the team viz: of six oxen wth all geeres to the same belonginge wth all husbandrie geeres belonginge to the farme and alsoe bequeathed to him his pt of the croppe, Item he bequeathed to his daughter Cathrin Bridson six pounds and bequeathed five pounds to his other daughter Cathrin Bridson the younger; Item bequeathed to his daughter Mariott Bridson five pounds, Item he bequeathed to the sd three daughters two boules of high corne apeece to be payd out of the whole crop to witt that if his sonn & heire and his wife bee both alive when his daughters doe marry then the sayd corne to be payd equally betwixt them but if the mother die and the cropp be the sd heire then all that is then unpayd of the sayd corne is to be payd by the heire and that the sd: daughter are not to com too soone upon him for the payment; Item he instituted and appointed his lovinge wife Alice Bradson his true and lawfull Executrix, of all the rest of his goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever Test: Tho: Ffargher } William Taggart } jurati The Executrx: is sworn in Court according to law and hath given pledges for the pformance of the contents of the above will vizt: Christopher Bradshon & Jo: Bradshon her sons

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