Joney Bridson alias Sayle 1677

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Date: 14 August 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #055 Arbory will of Joney Bridson alias Sayle, dated 10 January 1677/8: 
Summary:  husband Thomas Bridson, dau Alice, son John (eldest son), dau Isabel (of age by 1689), 
sister Ann Sayle, dau Catharine (age by 1689), brother in law (husband's brother) Thomas Bridson, 
also: Margaret Quine (a poor woman), Bahie Camaish, Christopher Bridson (has a brother in Ireland) 
pledge, William Stowell pledge, other pledges: William Gell & William Quiggin, xxxx Fargher & wife

This is affirmed to be the last will & testamt: of Jony Brydson (alias) Sayle sick in body, but in perfect memory praised be God for ye same: Imprimis she committed her soule to God, & her body to X?ian buriall; Itt: she left a blanquett to a poor woman Margt: Queyn; Itt: She left to Bahee Camaish an old sute of cloaths; Itt: she left to her daughter Ailece Bridson 1 blankett 1 sheet and one good sute, and the said Ailece to be answerable to her ffathers commands, and he to make her out; Itt: she left to her son John the cropp of corn with ye gears belonging to ye same and an oxe; Itt: she left to her husband Thomas Bridson the riding horse Legacy; Itt: she left that her husband should maintain her daughter Isabell 2 years at learning either at sowing or knitting upon his cost & his sons; Itt: she left to her owne sister Ann Sayle one kercher & one hand kercher; Itt: she left her two daughters Isabell & Catharin Bradsons exec: equally & joyntly betwixt them, of all ye rest of ye goods moveable & immoveable, and the ffather & brother to be good to them that there be no wrong done by the one to the other. The eldest son and the sister Ann Sayle are sworn supvisors of the children undr age Sietescants[?] John Cubon X } jurati John Quail X } The father is sworn in Court to bring in a pfect Inventory and the children at years to be sworn supvisors 9br: ye 7th Christopher Bridson enters ----- for 2s 2d and an ----- hire 2 years The whole Inventory amts to .............. 07 - 08 - 00 [The following is crossed out:] The goods in the hands of the Ant An Sayle and the eldest son and have given pledges for the forthcoming of the same Thomas Bradshon & his brother Thomas Bradshon for the ----other ----- ---- Cubbon and Christopher Bradshon & Wm Stoil vizt: for ye goods of Issabell bound for An: Sayle And the father bound himself Thomas Bradshon the testatrix husband hath by reason of the request of his wife who desired to make her out in her will binds himself his Heirs & Admrs: to pay her ye 4s when she is to be preferred in marye or when she hath need of it June 6th 90 Tho: Bradson ye father he this day added more to ye Inventory for ye Execrs: use in moneys .... 3£ ffebry: ye 28 77 Christopher Bradshon entrs: his claim against the e Issabell Brydshon and her goods in the Custody of her Ant Ann Sayl and hath given in pledges for the forthcoming of the same: vizt: Christopher Brydshon & Willm: Stoill secundum forman legis The goods of Catherin Brydshon in the hands to her eldest brother John Brydshon & hath given pledges for the forthcoming of the same vizt: his father Thomas Bradshon & his oncle Thomas Bradshon Wm Gell is released & Wm Stoil is become bound in his stead At a Court houlden at Holmtown ye 21st of June 78 Tho: Bredsshon husband of the wthin Jony Sayl deceased hath bound himself in ye penalty of x£[10£] ad usum dmi: to keep and mantain wth good use and learning as is expressed in ye mothers will, Issabell Bridshon, and hath given in bonds for ye forthcoming of her goods Wm Gell & Wm Quiggin and ye sd Tho: Braishon is to pay the ffees that are disbursed by Fargher & his wife, and to the pledges given in by Farghers wife are to be discharged, and Ffargher is to return so much of ye childs goods as are in his hand to Tho: Bredshon Wm Stoill of K Arbory is become conter bound instead of Will Gell, and therfore Willm: Gell is released ffebry: ye 28th 77 Christopher Bradshon entrs his claim agt the Executrs: of Jony Sayl for ye summ of 6s 6d in behalf of his brother in Ireland due debt as will be made to appear & craveth tryall die prdicto Christophr: Bradshon entrs: his claim agt ye Executors of Jony Sayl for the summ of 8s due debt as will be made to appear & craveth tryall The above Claimer hath recvered 6s of his claimed debt wch the overseers are bound to pay, and to be deducted out of the wthin Inventory May 21st 1689 Issabell & Cathrine Bridson exrs: to Jony Bridson their mother came this day and acknowledged to have received from their father Tho: Bridson 6£ 10s in pt of what is due to them by ye death of their mother before me Issabell Bridson mrk X S. Watleworth Cathrine Bridson mrk X

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