Thomas Tetlo 1677

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Archdeacon Will 1677A #058 Rushen will of Mr Thomas Tetlo, gunner at Castle Rushen, Malew,  dated 21 February 1677/8: 
Summary:  wife is dead, has no children & no near relations, Steward Ferdinando Calcott is sole inheritor 
and executor by Court decree, servant Isabel Kermode, also: Mr Richard Stevenson junior, Mr Lowcay, others
Malew parish register:  Thos: Tetloe, Gunner at Castle Rushin,    buried    23 Feb 1677
also:   Thomas Tetlo gunner at Castle Rushen & son of Ann Corrin alias Tetlo alias Duccan, mentioned in court 
proceedings regarding Edward Corrin's wife Ann and their ill daughter Catharine Corrin will 1636A #36 Malew
also: Thomas Tetlo gunner at Castle Rushen, & son of Ann Corrin alias Tetlo alias Duccan will 1636A #42 Malew
see also: ArW 1636A #042 Malew, of Ann Corrin alias Tetlo alias Duccan, dated 22 November 1636: husband Edward 
Corrin, son Thomas Tetlo, dau Catharine Corrin; wittnesses: John Cotteen, Christian Sherlock, Isabel Cottier
See also: ArW 1636A #37 Malew, of Edward Corrin's wife Ann Corrin alias Tetlo alias Duccan and their daughter 
Catharine Corrin, regarding their death and the neighbors (Joney Tetlo als xxxx the wife of John Tetlo, and 
Christian Sherlock) who cared for them: Joney Tetloe als xxxx, wife of John Tetlo gunner at Castle Rushen, and 
Christian Sherlock take care of Edward Corrin's wife and daughter until they die, eldest son of Joney and John 
is Thomas Tetlo;  John Killey's wife and Thomas Quirk’s wife refuse to take care of Edward Corrin's wife, 
See also: ArW 1636A #39 Malew, of Edward Corrin: dau Catharine Corrin
See also: ArW 1636A #40 Malew, of Ann Corrin alias Tetlo alias Duccan, died 20th November 1636, this will was 
nullified: dau Catharine Corrin, supervisor: Margaret Caesar alias Clark [note: Mgt md Arthur Caesar abt 1610 Malew]

Trinity Rushen ffeb: 21 1677/8 The last will & testament of Mr Thomas Tatloe, who beinge sicke in body but of perfect memory, did thus dispose of his goods, & alsoe bequeath them as ffolloweth: Itt: he left to Issable Kermott all his houshould stuffe, wth 1 bed boulster & cloathes; Itt: I leave & bequeath to Margarett Carione halfe a heiffer, to yt halfe my wife left her; Itt: to Mr Rich: Stevenson Junr: 1 heiffer in calfe & 1 cow; ffurther the wittnesses doth declare that he said that wn: Mr Tatloe came to shore or in a house that his will was to send for Mr Stevenson junior wittnesses Robt Gell his mrk X Tho: Watterson his mrk X The wittnesses to the above will have deposed ye same to be true in every particular excepting the Legasy to Mr Stevenson wch Tho: Watterson one of ye wittnesses denies that he was not in place then; but is affirmed and sworn by the other witness only Also Issable Kermott doth say that Mr Tatloe said that if he came to Castletowne or any other place that he would send for Mr Stevenson junr: & for Mr Locay; & further sayth that upon her oath she will declare ye truth Issable Kermott her mrk X juratus The above Issable Kermott being examined upon oath hath declared by vertue of her oath that she cann say noe more but wt she hath above subscribed to, & that the decedt: Tho: Tatley desired her to give Mr Rich Stevenson his sword & Bees wch shee hath done The Inventory upon the oath of his Servant of all goods in his possession at the day of his death being all she knows or can declare: vizt: one cow and two heiffers in ye calf and half a cow at Wm Gacons wth the houshold stuff wth a ffeather bedd and bolster & beddclothes. Item that she herd him say that hee pawned to John Norris one Pewther dish one Tanckard and a pewther Gyll, one pillow beer & two towells. Item one Hallant sheet Item to Caesar Patton two plates and one green apron and smalle wheel given in pawn, To Jo: Quilliam a petticoat an old churne & stoond It: to Anthony Hallsall one pewther dish in pawn Itm: to David Murrey one Pewther ewer in pawn Itm: to Willm: Ffox a plater a candlestick & two bottles It: one plate in John Wattersons house all these in pawne [next page, on the back of the above] Novr: ye 6th 78 Ellin Xtian entr: agt: ye Admrs: of Tho: Tatlo -----[torn] 9s due debt &ct [two pages later:] Also the wthin Issabell Kermod declares by virtue of her oath that she heard the Gunner say that there was 40s of his sallary due to him at Lady day next from ye Dept Governor, and that he knew not wt was due to him of his Christmas Quarter till he accounted wth him. Also that she heard him say that he had not accounted wth Steward Callcott since Michalmass and that asking the Gunner who shold have the cattle, He tould her oftentimes that he had all the rest should have all (vizt:) Steward Calcott, and that he should pay his debts ffebry: the 8th 1677 The Court upon Wheras the wthin written will hath no lawfull wittnesses fto prove the same, & those two men subscribeing to the same upon further examination differing and disagreeing in their oath, and also that ther is no Executor nominated in the sd will, all wch being difficient in law, and further having upon examacon of the above Deponent who hath been his do mestick servant these severll: years and wth him as & till the day of his death, and knew his mind and whole concerns, it appears by her oath above written that she heard him severall times declare & say that Mr Fferdinando Calcott had all and should have all his goods & that he should pay all his debts and considring that the decedr: Thomas Tattlow had no children of his own, nor any neer Relacon appearing ye Inventary very smale and the claims many, and also for the discharges of the office, and paying the sd: Debts as farr as the goods will extend, The Court doe decree & ordr: The sd Mr Fferdinando Calcott who was many times nominated by himself in his life time sole Administrator of all his goods moveable & immoveable and hath taken an oath in Court to Administer accourding to law, to bring in a pfect Inventary and hath given pledges to pform ye same office secundum forman legis, Mr. Tho: Norris & Willm: Ffox The Admin: Sworn in Court Salvo tamen vincuig suo jure Decretum et solvit 1s June ye 20th 1678 Mr Rich: Stevenson junr: enters his claim agt: ye Adminrs: of Tho: Tatloe for one heiffer in calf and one cow left to ye claimant in ye sd Tatloes will as will be made to appear and craveth tryall

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