Joney Quilliam alias Kermode 1677

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Date: 14 August 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #059 German will of Joney Quilliam alias Kermode, died 1 Nov 1677, intestate: 

German parish register:  Joney Kermott   buried 1 November 1677

	At a Court houlden at St Petters Chapp-----[torn]     
	day of March 1677, before Parson John Harr-----[torn]     
	Sr: Patr: Thompson Cooness-----

Jony Kermod depted this life about the first day of N-----[torn]     
last Intestate    wherof the Church having Intelligence ha-----[torn]     
decreed her two children (vizt) Jony Quilliam & John Quilliam 
sole Adminrs: of all her goods moveable & unmoveable who are bo-----[torn]     
undr: age the next of in on the mothers side to witt the two oncles 
John Kermod & Willm: Kermod Supvisors & a Legsy  to the husband up-----[torn]     
sight of the Inventary 
			The Supvisors sworn in Court and al-----[torn]     
			the husband, to brin in a pfect Inventory 
Salvo tamen vincuig	in form of Law
     suo jure
			Decretum et solvit  2s 6d

The whole Inventory of Jony Kermod amounts to .... 08£ - 16s - 00d 

Theparticulars are dj: 4 horses .................. 02 - 07 - 00 
The half of one cow one oxe & of  }
      one Heiffer ................}............... 03 - 02 - 00 
The one half of the sheep & goats ................ 01 - 14 - 00 
The one halfe of all ye houshould stuff .......... 01 - 10 - 00 
The one half of all ye husbandry gears ........... 00 - 03 - 00 

The goods wth the Consent of the overseers in ye 
hands of the father who hath given in pledges for ye 
forthcoming of the same:  Thomas Quine & Thomas Kenaugh
      The husbands Legsy allowed by ye Court is xs [10s]

More added half ye cropp of corn

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