Elizabeth Kermode 1677

Submitted by: Joyce M Oates
Date: 14 August 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #060 German will of Bessy/Elizabeth Kermode, died 6 January 1677/8, not included in the old Typed Index:  
Summary:  only daughter Abbey Taylor of age, husband is alive
German parish register:  Bessie Kermott     buried  5 January 1677/8

German Bessy Kermod departed this life about ye 6th day of Janry: last In testate wherof ye Church having intelligence hath decreed her only daughter --bbey [?Abbey] Taylor sole Administrixe of all her goods moveable and un moveable who is at age: and a Legasy to ye husband upon sight of ye Inventary The husband sworn in Court in form of law to bring in a pfect Inventary The Administratrix hath relinquished the administracon in ye fact of ye Court and therofre ye Genrll: Sumner is to required to to bake the Administracon and discharge ye debts as farr as ye goods will extend The Inventory being half a cow & half a calf wth half of } the houshold stuff amounts to .........................} 01£ - 06s - 00d

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