Bahie Christian (alias ?) 1677

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Date: 15 August 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #063 German will of Bahie xxxx alias Christian, died February 1677/8: 

German parish register:  Bahie Christine   buried  7 February 1677/8

	German March the first day 77

The last will and testament of Bahie Christine who departed this lif------[torn]    
feb: 1677;    first she bequeathed her soule to God and her body to Christian -----[torn]    
she left to her husband her part of the catle horses and sheepe, her part of -----[torn]    
feather bed and furniture as she lay, wth one hogshead paille and tub, -----[torn]    
that her husband doe not mary and incase he mary then the goods to re-----[torn]    
to her three daughters;   It: she left to her daughter Joney her best pedicoate -----[torn]    
wascoate;   It: she left to her daughter Match a red pedicoate and wascoate 
It: she left to her daughter Ann a pedicoate of that cloth in the walke milne 
and a wascoate and her wearing coate;   It: she left to her son Thomas six shillings 
It: she left to her three daughters her part of the blancketts and sheetes;   It: her 
daughter Jonney her best suite of linnen,  It: she left to her daughter Ann two 
pound of flaxe;  It: she left to Jane Caine one sheepe,   It: she left to Sr John 
Woods one mutton;   It: she left to Henry Kaighen her part of a calfe 
It: she left to John Caine, Henry Lace and her husband her part of the nets
And constituted and ordained her husband her true and lawfull exec: of all 
her goods;   It: she left to her daughters her part of the flaxe

testes	Jo: Woods        }
        Jo: Caine        } jurati
	      Daniell Christine}

		The Court doth order to Henry Lace soe much of 
		the Decedents Executorship as is proved in his Contract 
		bargayne by the Deemstr:  Dat  March 1  -  77 

Salvo tamen vincuig		pbat et solvit 1s 
   suo juie

pledges secundum forman legis Wm Fairbrother & Jo: Caine the goods 
in the husbands costody, and hath given pledges ut Supra

The execr: is sworne in Court die prd---- 

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