William Quayle 1677

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Archdeacon Will 1677A #066 Michael will of William Quayle of Coolshellagh, moar at the time of his death, dated 10 November 1677: 
Summary:  daughters Ellin (underage, married John Cannell by 1699, his father is Philip Cannell) & Joney (underage), 
wife [Mary Cannell] is alive, father John Quayle of Coolshellagh is alive by dead by 1688, mother is dead, maternal half 
brother Phinlo Garrett (his children, dead by 1699), niece Catharine Cannell (dau of John Cannell), uncle Daniel/Donold 
Quayle, Ewan Garrett nephew (son of Phinlo Garrett)
Michael parish register:  Wm Quayle    buried  22 November 1677
Michael parish register:  William Quayle son of John Quayle was christened 15 June 1643 Michael
Michael parish register:  William Quayle married Mary / Mally Cannell on about 27 June 1673
will of father:  ArW 1688A #10 of John Quayle of Coolshellagh: son William (who inherited from his mother) is dead, dau 
in law Mary Cannell who has two daughters
father: Michael parish register:  Jon: Quayle of Coolshelagh    buried  5 April 1688
see: John Quayle is mentioned (of CoolShellaugh, per 1664) in will of Margaret Curghey als Christian, 
will 1655A #48 Lezayre, Margaret died March 1652
will of mother: ArW 1675A #163 Michael will of Joney Quayle alias Garrett alias Curghey, died 29 January 1675/6:  2nd 
husband John Quayle of Coolshellagh (see his will ArW 1688A #10 Michael), their son William Quayle of Coolshellagh 
(see his will ArW 1677A #088 Michael), granddau Catharine Cannell (underage, her overseers: Major Stevenson & Deemster 
Christian), son Phinlo Garrett (has children, including Margaret), son? Patrick Garrett, dau? Isabel Garrett, dau Margaret 
Garrett (married), granddau Alice Quayle, granddau Margaret Garrett, goddau Daniel Curghey's child, sister Ann Curghey, 
Mr James Christian of Laugholley is husband of a daughter of Joney, Mabel Burke alias Curghey of Dublin sister (?daughter) 
of Joney  also: servant Margaret Caine, employee Richard Mylroy, Isabel Curghey in Ramsey, John Cannon, Richard Caine, 
witness: John Caine, witness: Daniel Corlett, William Corjeage / Cordeige, Philip Cannell & wife Jane & son John (married 
Joney's daughter) & dau Jane (wife to John Kaighin) & dau Catharine Cannell, Mrs Alice Skelton (wife of Thomas Skelton, 
dau of Deemster John Christian of Milntown & Margaret Parker), Ewan Curghey junior(?a cousin to Alice Skelton als Christian)
mother: Michael parish register:   Jony Curfey  buried in Ballaugh Church  31 January 1675/6
see: ArW 1663A #006 Ballaugh, of Margaret Garrett alias Kinley, died 1 February 1663/64: husband Phinlo or Philip Garrett 
(both given names are used, Phinlo is probably the correct name), executors dau Margaret & Ellin & Joney Garrett; brother in 
law? Philip Garrett (owed money); brother & overseer of children Thomas Kinley, brother in law Patrick Carrett is to assist 
Thomas Kinley,  also:  Katharine Kissage; mother in law? Joney Curghey, also: step-father in law John Quayle (of Coolshellagh, 
married to Joney Quayle als Garrett als Curghey, see John’s will ArW 1688A #10 Michael & Joney's will ArW 1675A #163 Michael), 
stepbrother in law Wiliam Quayle of Coolshellagh (son of John Quayle of Coolshellagh, see William's will ArW 1677A #066 Michael)
see also: ArW 1668A #55 Ballaugh, of Margaret Garrett alias Skeally, died about 16 February 1668/9, intestate: husband Phinlo 
Garrett, sons Ewan & Patrick (?dead by 1670) Garrett, also mentioned (debts owed to the following): bro in law Phillip Garrett 
and his brother Patrick Garrett (in Ireland), Margaret Garrett (sister to Philip & Patrick), step bro in law William Quayle of 
Coolshellagh [his father John of Coolshellagh married Phinlo Garrett's widowed mother Joney], bro in law Daniel Voddy 
(md Joney Skeally), pledges included: Stephen Key, John Christian, John Radcliffe, Thomas Teare of Ballaugh

Novr: the 10th 1677 This is affirmed to be ye last will & Testamt of Willm Quayle ----[torn] was in perfect memory at ye making or declaring thereof ----[torn] Imprmis: he committed his soul to God & his body to Christian buriall Itm: he left 10s to be spent on his funerall, It: to ye poor he left half a firlet of meal & a sheep; Itm: he left to his father 25s wch he ought his father, and also 3s 6d for wch he left his father and if he would be content therewith, if not yt he should have ye 3s 4d. Itm: he ----[torn] to his said father 20 bowles & a firlet of oates, nine bowles & ----[torn] firlet of meatcorne, five bowles of barley two of them dry corne, a bo----[torn] more of barley & seven pecks wch was for seed corne, one bowle & half ferlet of wheat, and 4 pottles of rye, all these measures of corne the said Willm: Quaile received from his father when he undertooke charge of ye Lands; Itm: he appointed & ordered his executrs: to make & f----[torn] up all the vessells of meale wch he received from his father at his comming to ye house at ye sight of his father & wife & to be given or returned to ----[torn] father; Itm: he left to Ffinlo Carretts children the two ewes due to ----[torn] by his mothers will; Itm: he left to Cathrine Cannell daughter of John Cannell ye legacie due to her by her grandmothers will vizt a cow a blankett & a fledge; Itm: he left to ye said Cathrine Cannell of his owne goods 6 sheep of two years old, wch is to be delivered unto her grandfather f----[torn] her use, & if it happen ye said Cathrine die underage, noe goods of hers returnes to his executrs: but the 6 sheep; Itm: he left to Wm Killip in Ballaugh 2s 2d due to him for hay; Itm: to his unkle Donold Quaile 1s 8d. Itm: to Mr Wattleworth for tyth 1 shilling; Itm: to Willm: Cordeag 4s due to him for his wages, two banns, a dublett, a waistcoat & a paire of stockens; Itm: to ye maidservant for ye half year past unpaid a shilling and did declare that if he did then, that ye maid servant should not any longer serve upon his account, nor be further chargeable to his executrs: It: he left to John Caine 4s 3d due to him for his wages; Itm: he left to Patrick Carrett an old shuite of Russet & a pair of shoes; Itm: he left to Margrett Caine 4s due to her for her wages; Itm: he left to John Caine a coate; Itm: to Willm Curlett a pair of breeches & a paire of stockins; Itm: he declared yt he received moneys for an oxe that was sould by his father last Summer and to make up ye teame of oxen againe he left to is father an oxe that he bought himself at St Keals faire bef----[torn] Itm: he left to his father two muttons of his own instead of ye two muttons of his fathers wch he made use of, and bad his father to take them when he was for he knew where they were. Itm: he left to his father was was left to him by his mothers will vizt: ye Lands, crop of corne, yt Teame, and ye gears belonging to ye working of ye Lands. Itm: to his wife he left all ye shapt cloathes linnen & woollen yt was in ye house, and a white blanket for a legacie; Itm: he left to Hugh Cannell an ewe. Itm: he left to his father his part of two horses yt were undivided betwixt thenm Itm: he left his wife & his Executrs: to pay ye Receiver what was ----[torn] Itm: he did constitute & appoint his two daughters Ellin & Jony his true & l----[torn] full executrs: of ye rest of goods moveable & unmoveable & desired & ap----[torn] ----[torn]----- ------ -------- ----------- supervisors of his ---- children for ----[torn] [next page] John Corlett } Daniel Corlett } jurati The wife and overseers sworn in Court The Testator being ye Lords Moar when he dyed an Tally being unbroken Therfore two monthes time is given ----- --- the Inventory & then to be pfected sub pena xs[10s] Novr ye 1st 78 Margt Carrett entrs: her claime agt: ye Execrs: of Wm Quaile for a cow & half ye Increas being two calves & also for ye spining of 8lb of yarn 12d & for xs[10s] & odd moneyes due to her by ye dth: of her fathr: and also for 34d due for work done by her husband for them & also for smoothing Iron all due debt as will be made to apear & craveth tryall July 15 1713 John Cannel came this day to ye Records with his father Philip Cannell, and does acknowledge to have recd: half of --- the forty six shillings from his sd father, which he recd: from Margt: Quayle widow as apeares by the annex’d paper; For which sd: summe of twenty three shillings the sd John Cannell (in behalf of his wife, Execr: to ye within Wm Quayle) does hereby acquit & discharge his sd Father & Execrs: for ever. As witness his name the day & year above written John Cannell In presence of Cha: Wattleworth Regr: [next page] [torn]--- ------ of ye goods of Wm Quaile deceased taken and praised Wm Cowley John [torn]--- ---- Corlett & Patrick Kelly and ye Sumner as followeth £ s d [torn]--- pt of a heffer of 2 years old ................... 00 - 15 - 00 [torn]--- pt of ye sheep and goats ........................ 1 - 00 - 00 [torn]--- pt of a colt .................................... 00 - 10 - 00 [torn]--- pt of ye wollin & wollin yearne ................. 00 - 5 - 00 [torn]--- pt of ye salt ................................... 00 - 2 - 00 [torn]---ads pte of ye ser and one sayle .................. 00 - 3 - 00 [torn]---eads pt of ye Remender of ye tyth wich } [torn]---fore pottles betwixt oats and barley and} [torn]---r nessessaries .........................}......... 00 - 2 - 00 Sum 2£ - 17s - 00d John Quaile supervisor over ye Children of ye sd Wm hath of ye sd goods 1£ - 12s - 00d Ffinlo Carrett of Ballaugh another of ye supervisor hath of ye sd goods 1 - 5 - 00 £ s d paid to ye Receiver and ye moore .............. 4 - 6 - 00 paid to ye Crediters .......................... 1 - 12 - 00 for his funerall Charges ......................00 - 12 - 00 Summ 6 - 10 - 00d The above summe of 2£ - 17s - 00d is free & debtless and in ye hands of Jo: Quaile & Ffinloe Carrett as above expressed, and have given pledges John Cordjeag for Jo: Quayle & Jo: Stean for Phinloe Carrett Sept: 30th 1699 Jon: Cannell husband to Ellin Quaile one of th Exrs: of Will: Quail doth hereby acknolwedge to have received at and from the hands of Ewan Garrett son of Phinloe the summ of 25s due to the sd Exrs: and doth for himself and the other Exr: herby acquits and discharge the sd Ewan Garret and his for the same John Cannell before me ---ne: Curghey Regr: June ye 19th 1688 Received then from and at ye hands of Margt Quaile widow ye just sume of fortie six shillings, yt is to sy 1£ 12s ---- according to ye Inventory, ten shillings sworne upon her by Finlo Garrett & four shillings for a yeers age; all wch is due to ye children of Wm Quaile; & of wch I dow acquitt & discharge ye sd Margt:[sic, Mary] Quaile widow & Execr: of John Quaile, her Exrs: & Administrs: for ever, As witnesse my hand the day & yeare above written Philip Cannell his mrk X before me Sam: Watleworth Regr: [on a slip of paper:] An account of what is not put to ye books of ye goods of ye children of Wm Quayle yet in ye hands of Jo: Quayle ye summ of ten shill: Note ye ijs of ye above xs[10s] is mencond in ye will of Wm: Quayle, & the other four shillings is for one goat, 3 qrtrs of Russet & his share of a press Sworn before me by Ffinlo Garrett June 8th 1688 Th: Parre Jon: Christian Adde to this to Wm Quailes will

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