Patrick Caine 1677

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Archdeacon Will 1677A #069 Michael of Patrick Caine, dated 4 March 1677/8: 
Summary:  wife Catharine Quark, son John Caine (heir), dau Joney, dau Bahie (of age by 1693), son Patrick; 
brother William Caine, brother in law? John Kaighin; witnesses: William Caine & John Caine & John Kaighin
Michael parish register:  Patt: Caine    buried 24 November 1677

K Michaell March ye 4th 1677/ The last will and Testamt: of Pattr: Caine who departed this liffe ye -------[torn] Item he left to his eldest sonn John Cayne all his right to the h-------[torn] and gardens and the Croft called Croft yt[?] fort the wiffe Katherine -------[torn] als Quarke gave her conssent to give to her said son John Cayne -------[torn] pte of the sd houses, gardenes and Croft at her latter day likewise; Itm: he left alsoe to his sd son John Cayne all his pte of the houshould stuffe as it was then in the house Itm: he left to his sd wiffe Katherine Cayne all wt: right he had to the two cowes and the calfe above the one halfe, to bringe her equally in halfe and halfe with his executors in the sd two cowes and calfe; Itm: he maid mencon that he lend tenn shillinges to Henry Woods and John Cayne wch is yet unpaid wheneof 5s was due to his Executors; Itm: he maid mencon that two shillings was due to him from Wm Quaile of Quoolshilagh; and two shillinges due from him to John Quaile Quoolshellagh and ye sd John Quaile to be paid with the two shillinge that was due from the sd Wm Quaile; Itm: he constituted and apoynted his three children Jony Bahie and Pattr: Cayne his true and lawfull executors of all the rest of his goods moveable and unmoveable The Court hath decreed Wm Caine supvisor Testes Wm Cayne juratus John Cayne John Kaighin juratus John Kaighin & Wm Caine are sworn sup visors. The mother also sworn in form of law Probatum et solvit 6d The Inventory of the above Testator taken by 4 sworne men vizt: John Caine Robt: Corkan Jo: Quaile and Tho: Croughin and prized as followeth £ s d Imprs: the Legasie left to the eldest son John Cayne } beinge the houshold stuffe prized to .........}......... 1 - 6 - 6 Itm halfe of two cowes and dj a calfe ......................... 1 - 2 - 0 Itm the decedents pte of one old mair and two colts ........... 0 - 12 -0 Itm the decedents pte of one younge mair ...................... 0 - 14 -8 Itm the decedents pte of 4 sheep and a small giell of } flax woole and yorn ..........................}........ 0 - 7 - 0 Debts due to the decident note theire is to be deducted out of Itm from Henry Woods .... 30s this Inventory to pay severall debts Itm from Henry Woods } and funerall charges: 17s - 6d and John Cayne ..}.. 5s The goods of Baheey, wth the tuition of her self in the hands of Wm Caine ye Supvisor who hath given pledges for the forthcoming of the same Philip Cannell The goods of Jony John & Patrick in the hands of the mother & hath given pledges John Corlett Nor: ye 19th 78 Marg: Quail Entrs: agt: ye Execrs: of Patr: Cain for 4s [next page] July 18th 1693 Bahie Caine being at age & one of her fathers Execrs: came this day & acknowledgeth yt she is fully satisfied what is due to her from her uncle Willlm: Caine by ye death of her father Patrick Caine As witnesse her mrk before me Sam: Watleworth Bahie Caine her mrk X Register

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