Elizabeth Crenilt alias Parr 1677

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Date: 21 August 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #071 Ballaugh will of Elizabeth/Bessy Crenilt alias Parr, dated 5 March 1677/8, 
died intestate, not included in the old Typed Index: 
Summary:  husband Philip Crenilt, underage children Ann & Catharine & Margaret & Isabel Crenilt; paternal uncle 
Sir Thomas Parr, maternal uncle Ewan Kewn;  sister of her husband is Elizabeth/Bessy Crenilt, brother in law of her 
husband is William Corlett;  witnesses John Cordeige & William Boyde/Boddaugh; father xxxx Parr appears to be dead, 
mother xxxx Parr alias Kewn also appears to be dead

March ye 5th 77 John Corraig & Wm Boddaugh being by when Bessie Parr made her will have sworn that she ----[fold] not in any fitt condition to make a will, and the----[fold] ther Church hath decreed her four smale Chil----[fold] Adminrs: and the next of kin on the mothrs: side vizt: Sr Tho: Parr ye decedts: oncle by father and ----[fold] Kewn her oncle by mother who are ordred to be sworn to take the charge of their part of ye Children accord----[fold] law An: & Catherin Crenelt are ordred upon ye mothers side viz: Sr Tho: Parr, Ewan Kewn Margt: & Issabell Crenilt are ordered upon ye fathers ----[fold] vizt: Bessy Crenilt & Wm Corlett who are to be charged ----[fold] Sumnr: to take care of ym forthwth The Inventory of Bessy Parr wife to ye wthin Philip Crenilt priced by 4 sworn men vizt Wm P----[fold] Philip Cowley Daniell Corlett & Wm Creen amounts to ................................................... 01 ----[fold] The wifes part of the corn being priced to 10s and was spent upon the Children in the fathers time and therfore to be deducted out of ye Inventory [next page] The Inventory of the goods and chatles of P----[torn] and his wife Bessy Crenilt als Parr after ----[torn] beinge deducted, amounts to ye summe of 1s 0----[torn] Wch: beinge in ye hands of Sr: Thomas Parr ----[torn] Bessy Crenilt and Ewan Kewne, devided ----[torn] In the hands of Sr Thomas Parre, as the parte} or porcon due to the Child in his } tuition, haveinge double to the 2 } Children in ye custody of Ewan Kewne & } Bessy Crenilt, ye summ of 19s - 04d } 00s ----[torn] (whereof beinge pd to Jo: Corraige for } ye keepinge of ye sd child before she came } to his tuition 1s) see cleer in ye sd } Sr Thom: hands ............................. } In ye hands of Wm Curlett ................... 00 - 12 In ye hands of Ewan Kewne ................... 00 - 06 In the hands of Bessy Crenilt ............... 00 - 06 Besides the Roof of the houses, wch continues on ye houses as yett untill it can bee disposed of to the children best advantage pledges taken for the forcomings of this Inventory secndum forman Legis for Wm Curlett, Wm Boddaugh for Sr Tho: Parr, John Parr for Ew: Kewn, Lewis Credjeen taken by me Charles Parr

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