Alice Burrough alias Crenilt 1677

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Date: 22 August 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #076 Jurby will of Alice Burrough/Birrage alias Crenilt, died 2 January 1677/8: 
Summary:  husband Daniel/Donold Burrough/Birrage, 2 sons William & xxxx, sister Elizabeth Crenilt, Ann Burrough, 
sister in law Joney Burrough, also: Emmy Corkan, pledges William Nidderaugh & Thomas Freer
will of halfbrother? of husband Daniel: ArW 1654A #51 Jurby of John Nidderaugh, died 6 Feb 1654/5:  daughters of 
Daniel Garrett, mother Averick Nidderaugh als Birrage/Burrough alias Stephen, sister Ann Birrage/Burrough, sister 
Ann or Jane Nidderaugh, brother John Nidderaugh, brother William Nidderaugh, also Joney Birrage/Burrough, also 
William Birrage/Burrough, also Alice Bell, also Daniel Garrett, also John Gawne
?Jurby parish register:  Alice Crenilt married William [?sic, Daniel] Birrage   on 21 Apr 1668  in Jurby

Jurby The last will and testament of Alice Crenilt who depart-----[torn] liffe the second of January 1677 who first committed her soule -----[torn] and her bodie to Christian buriall; Itm: She left to her 2 sons Wm -----[torn] Burrough half a cow 2 hogges and halfe the flax as legasie; Itm: -----[torn] sister in law Jony Burrough a hogge; Itm: to her sister Elizabeth Crenilt a wascott peticott and carchiefe as legasie; Itm: to Emie Corcan a peticoat and handcerchiefe as legasie; Itm: to An Burrough a russett wascott as l-----[torn] Itm: to the minister a yard of linnen; Itm: She willed that if God should call for one of her children that then the other should enjoy his pte of the goods left to him, and if God would call for them both that then her husband should enjoy it, and whosoever would clayme any right therunto to be cutt of wth 6d legasie; Itm: She constituted and ordained her husband Donold Burrough her true and lawfull executor of all the rest of her goods movable and unmovable. The executor is sworn in Court according to law Testes Wm: Teare } Probatum et Solvit 6d Hen: Comish } jurati The Inventory of Alice Crenylt priced by 4 sworne men viz: Wm Teare do: Gawne Patr: Steene and John Kerren as followeth Inpr: hearing netts ..................... 0 - 4s - 8d Itm: hempe .............................. 0 - 0 - 4 Itm: in a calfe ......................... 0 - 1 - 4 Itm: in houshold stuffe ................. 0 - 13 - 10d pledges secundum forman legis Tho: Ffreer & Wm Nedraugh

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