Mary Caley alias Christian 1677

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Date: 22 August 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #077 Jurby will of Mary Caley alias Christian, died 4 February 1677/8: 
Summary: husband Thomas Caley, 2 children Catharine & Mally Caley, also: Thomas Keney, brother 
Daniel/Donold Christian of Lanemore, brother Edward Christian, pledges William Kewn & Robert Kewn
see: Daniel/Dollin Christian of Lanemore mentioned (owed John 7s) in will of John Goldsmith will 1675A #093 Bride

Jurby The last will and testament of Mary Christian who depa----[torn] the 4th of ffebruary 1677 who first committed her soule to ----[torn] body to Christian buriall; Itm: to Donold Christian Lanemore 6d ----[torn] Itm: to Edw: Christian a sheepe if she were brought to KK Andr----[torn] to be buried if not the sheepe to returne to her exec: Itm: s----[torn] stituted her 2 children viz: Katherine and Mallie Callie ----[torn] Lawfull executors of all her goods movable and unmovable, and if ----[torn] please God to call for one of her sd daughters before she comes to the yeares of discrecon that then the other should enjoy the whole goods, a----[torn] if both should die before they came to Lawfull yeares then it wa----[torn] her will that her husband Tho: Callie should be sole exec of her goods, and if any pson of psons should sue for any pte of the sd goods from him, tha tthey should be cut off wth 6d legasie; Itm: she bequeathed the tuition of her children and goods to her husband Tho: Callie untill they came to Lawfull yeares; Itm: to husband s sheep; Itm: to Tho: Keney one lambe The husband sworn in Court Testes The next of kin on ye mothers side vizt Danll: Christian Ro: Kewen } & Ed: Christian are decreed supvisors & to be sworn Wm Christine } jurati Probatum et solvit xijd A pfect Inventorie of the goods of Mary Christian deceased priced by 4 sworne men, viz: Tho: Kellie, Tho: Freere, Wm: Christine, and Jo: Knaile as followeth Impr: In cattle a horse and sheepe .............. 0 - 6 - 0 Itm: in household stuffe ....................... 0 - 8 - 0 Itm: in land and houses ......................... 1 - 16 - 6d Itm: in corne ................................... 0 - 4 - 0 The goods in the husbands hand and hath given pledges seciundum forman legis Wm Kewn & Robt: Kewn

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