Jane Goldsmith alias Cubbon 1677

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Date: 22 August 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #083 Lezayre will of Jane Goldsmith alias Cubbon, died 6 February 1677/8: 
Summary:  sons Daniel & Edward Goldsmith,    also: Jane Callister
?will of husband: EpW 1670E #082 Lezayre will of Edmund Goldsmith, died 26 March 1670, intestate: 
wife alive, sons Pa----, John, Daniel (underage)

KK Christ ------[torn] The last will and testament of Jane Cubon who depted this life about ye 6th of ffebruary. ffirst she comitted her soule to God, and her body to Christian buriall. Itt: to Jane Callister a petticoate, and bequeathed all her goods whatsoever equally be= =twixt both her son Dan: and Edward Gouldsmith constituting and ordaining them executors onely shee left out of ye whole a mutton to her sone Dan: above the other sone wittnesses pbatum est et solvit 6d John Corlett Joney Crow The Invent: prized by 4 sworn men & ye Sumner comes to ...... 00£ - 13s - 00d The Executors at age, pledges secundum forman legis Nicholas Callow & Wm Corlett

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