William Woods 1677

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Date: 22 August 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #087 Maughold will of William Woods, died about 1677, wife is alive:
Summary:  son William Woods, also: Margery (her father is dead), wife [married previously?] is alive, 
?Maughold parish register:  Will: Woodes    buried  2 May 1676

[torn]------ -------- ------- ---llm: Woods who departed this life ------ [torn]------ -------- ------- ---ed his soul to God and his body to Xtian [torn]------ -------- ------- sone William Woods his part of one cowe -----[dark] [torn]------ -------- ---- her part alsoe. Itm: He left to his wife one Blankett [torn]------ -------- russett cloath wch was in ye House. It: He said yt there is due to his [torn]------ -------- ------- from him one shilling, being ye last part of her father goodes wth [torn]------ -------- ------- dustody, and He left her of his owne goodes 6d Legasy [torn]------ --------er Margery 18d being ye last pt of her fathers goodes & sixpence [torn]------ -------- To ----- ---n Woodes 6d Leagasie. It: To each of ye witnesses [torn]------ -------- Legasie ---- He constituted and appointed his sonne William Woodes his true & Lawfull Executor of ye rest of his goodes movable & unmovable It: To Will: Cotteam one mutten, to Richard Cottiam a yearling Testes John Cotteam } pbatum est et solvit xijd Christopr Xtian } jurati The Invent: is .............................................. 04£ - 10s - 00d The Executor at age and hath given pledges John Cott----- ---infold

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