Thomas Kinley 1677

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Archdeacon Will 1677A #090 Santan will of Thomas Kinley, died 1677: 
Summary: ?wife is alive in 1669, dau Ellin (married 1669 to John Caveen 
son of Robert Caveen of Fildraw, Malew with land in Ballasalley)
NOTE: Articles of Marriage dated 9 May 1669, resulting in marriage of John Caveen & Ellin Kinley

May 9th 1669 Articles of Marriage concluded and agreed upon betwixt Robt: Caveene of the pish of KK Malew for and in the behalfe of his son John Caveene on thone pte And Tho: Kinley of the pish of KK St Ann for an in the behalfe of his daughter Ellin Kinley on thother pt: and the sd younge Coople John and Ellin in theire owne behalfe as followeth Impris: it is concluded and agreed upon that the said John & Ellin shall joyne together att theire pish Church of KK Malew within a month God and holy Church pmittinge the same It is condiscended unto, concluded and agreed upon and the said Robt: Caveene doth pmise and hereby binde himselfe to endow & give unto his sd son John Caveene and his wife all that land or croft off Ffildraw with this pvisoe that he doe hine one dayes ploweinge there and then worke all that land and give to him the sd Robt give the fourth sheefe after workeinge And after the decease off Robt: the goods John his sonn is to have all that ground to him & his wife for ever And alsoe the said Robt: doth give and grant unto his sd sonn John Caveen and his wife and their issue the Croft, Crofts, or Land in Ballasalley called by the name of Croft Corrin and Croft Duccan thone halfe now, att Michallmass next after the cropp is taken and thother halfe after his decease forever It is condiscended unto, Concluded and agreed upon and the said Thomas Kinley doth hereby pmise and bind himselfe that after his con= traccon bargain made to his wife be pformed then that his said daughter Ellin Kinley and her sd husband shall have and enjoy after his decease all his debtles goods whatsoever without let or molestacon It is Condiscended unto Concluded and agreed uponn betwixt the sd younge Couple to witt John Caveene & Ellin Kinley that if it please God to call for any of them by death without issue that then the survivor shall have xs[10s] (Note that interlineinge of John Caveene insted of Robt was before the subscription And for the pf----[dark edge] ance of all the promises all the sd pties have bonde themselves in ----[dark edge] In wittnes whereof they have hereunto subscribed the day & yeare above written Alsoe that Jo: Caveene is to pay the 8s fine Robt Caveene his mrk ---- for the sd Land Tho: Kinley his mrk ---- & delieres in the prsence of John Caveene ----[dark edge] ---- Stoale Dan: Caveen his mrke X Tho Oats X Ellin Kinley ----[dark edge] ---- Woods his mrke X Tho Parre [next page] March ye 22th 1676/7 This day ye wthin Sr Tho: Parr, Tho: Stole, Donoll Caveen and Jo: Woods came before me and deposed ye wthin bargain Contract to be truth in everie pticuler before me Tho: Ffletcher May ye 15th 1677 This Contract is accepted of for ye will of Thomas Kinley, and ----[fold] his daughter Ellin is decreed Administratr:, who is sworn to br----[fold] a pfect Invent:, and pay all debts as farr as the goods will extend Salvo tamen vincuig Decretum est et solvit 1s suo jure Decemb: ye 28th 1677 Phillip Brew entrs: against the Adminrs: of Tho: Kinley for a cow, and the increase for xij yeares, and craveth tryall according to Law [next page] KK St Ann The Inventory of the goods of Tho: Kinley praysed by 4 sworn men viz: Tho: Moore, John Quiney, Robt Quirk, & Finlo Kneale £ s d Itt: 1 cow halfe 4 old Blanketts ............................... 1 - 9 - 00 Itt: halfe 1 coate & paire breeches ........................... 00 - 1 - 6 Itt: halfe 1 gray soritte halfe 1 fledge & Blankett ........... 00 - 1 - 4 Itt: halfe 2 shurts & Rough yorne ............................. 00 - 00 - 6 Itt: halfe 1 sheete & sum smale linen ......................... 00 - 2 - 00 Itt: 3 pound of towe 1 pound in flax .......................... 00 - 00 - 10 Itt: fishing lines with halfe the treene vissells ............. 00 - 3 - 00 Itt: halfe 1 pott & pan halfe 1 old chest halfe 1 bedstock .... 00 - 3 - 00 It: halfe 1 woollen whele & halfe 1 littell whele halfe 2 boords 1 - 00 It: weights & sives & halfe sum basketts & 1 kisshan in salt ... 00 - 4 It: 1 sheep & sum hemp halfe 1 paire of tanges & halfe 1 gridle 1 - 9 Itt: 3 sive in oats ........................................... 00 - 00 - 8 It: sum smale linen cloathes 3 petticoats 1 old waskett........ 00 - 2 - 00 Itt: halfe 1 heffer ........................................... 00 - 6 - 00 More aded to this Inventory ................... - 1 - 2 The Adminr at age and given pledges according to Law Phillip Brew & Thom: Moore

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