Margaret Fargher alias Cottier 1677

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Date: 22 August 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #094 Braddan will of Margaret Fargher alias Cottier, died 19 January 1676/7:
Summary:  husband xxxx[?John of Marown, died 1674, EpisWill] Fargher is not mentioned, only dau Marriad Fargher, 
brother John Cottier, brother in law Thomas Quilliam, brother in law Richard Quay, also: Alice Keig als xxxx 
(married, is she Alice Keig alias Fargher?), pledges John Killey & Edward Quay;  also: William Kermode & Oates 
Cretney gave securities: William Moore & Thomas Quilliam
Braddan parish register:  Margaret Farher als Cotter    buried  21 January 1676
?husband: Braddan parish register: John Farker  de Kk Marown   buried 27 Jul 1674  see Episcopal books 1674 Braddan 
for his will decree
see will of ?mother in law: ArW 1668A #18 Marown, of Alice Fargher alias Moore, dated 24 November 1668, husband 
xxxx Fargher is not mentioned: son John Fargher, daughter Christian (2nd daughter, married to Oates Cretney by 1669), 
dau Alice, daughters unmarried: Catharine senior (the inheritrix, an idiot), Catharine junior, & Isabel; brother 
William Moore,   pledges: William Kermode of Marown for Oates Cretney 
NOTE: Alice Keig als xxxx put in a claim to recover 32s due her from her mother's death.  The deceased Margaret would 
have this money only if Alice were a sister of hers (or of her husband), and had it in trust until Alice was old enough 
to receive it. Since xxxx Keig is not mentioned as a supervisor / brother in law, then the conclusion is that Alice is 
the sister of Margaret's husband, that is, she is Alice Fargher, whose mother is probably Alice Fargher alias Moore who 
died 1668, ArW 1668A #18 Marown.

Braddan Margrett Ffarher alias Cotter depted this life ye 19th of Januarie 1676, Intestat wherof the Church have inge intelligence hath decreed her only daughter Marriot Ffarher Administra trix Jo: Cotter, Tho: Quilliam and Rich: Quay supvisors who are sworne in form of law decretum est et solvit 2s 7d Aprill 26th 1678: Allice Keig enters against ye Administrs: of Margt Ffarcher als Cotter for ye summe of thirtie two shillings being in her own joiad[?] her husband hands of her mothers goods due to ye clamer onely shee confesseth the receipt of 7s 6d soe that shee ye clames 24s 6d and craveth tryall Inventory taken by 4 sworn men & ye Sumner £ s d It: dj a cow price ...................... 0 - 12- 0 It: dj anothe rcow price ................ 0 - 6 - 0 It: too sheep price ..................... 0 - 2 - 6 It: household stuffe .................... 0 - 2 - 0 Edward Quay acknowledgeth in fa-- eccle to be from him 01 - 12 - 00 pledges in form of law Executors administrators and assignes Jo: Killey Edward Quay The one moitie of the above 1£ 12s 00d is in the hands of Wm Kermoad and Oats Cretney, who hath given counter securities for the same Wm Moore and Thom: Quilliam

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