Ellinor Cubbon alias Nowell 1677

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Date: 22 August 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #097 Marown will of Ellinor Cubbon alias Nowell, dated 25 April 1677, 
this is not listed in the old Typed Index: 
Summary:  husband xxxx Cubbon is dead, son Gilbert Cubbon, dau Ellin Cubbon; 
pledges for her husband's will are William Gelling and James Moore
?Episcopal Will 1674/2 Marown, decree of William Cubbon 
?Episcopal Will 1669/70 Marown, decree of Gilbert Cubbon

The Inventorie of Elinor Nowell, praysed by Ro: Kewley, William Kewley, Mich: Kewley, & William Kelley sworne men wch amounted unto ye summe of ............................. 01£ - 19s - 00 all wch goods were taken up by Wm Gelling & James Moor, pledges for ye fathers goods being in her hands Aprill 25th 1677 Gibt: Cubon and Ellin Cubon children to ye sd Ellin Nowell hath deposed in the face of the Court that she had noe debtles goods at her death

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