Thomas Christian 1677

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Archdeacon Will 1677A #129 Lezayre will of Thomas Christian infant, died 20 June 1677, intestate: 
Summary: mother Catharine Christian alias Mason alias Crebbin (died 12 April 1677, her will ArW 16771 #128 Lezayre), 
father Patrick Christian (died 28 April 1677, his will ArW 1677A #127 Lezayre)

KK Christ Leyare Tho: Christian infant depted this life about ye 20th of this Instant June 1677, the Court decrees his goods according to ye tenour of his ffather & mothers will Salvo tamen vincuig Decretum et solvit suo jure The Invent: included in ye ffather and mother Aug: ye 29th 1677: The differences ariseing touching the within Wills of Patrick Christian and Margt: Crebin his wife, being many and also Intricat, though the Inventrys be but small, and that espetially troublesome in regard also to the childes death: The psons therfor concern’d seeing ye inconveniences wch might arise by their suits at Law hath rather refferred and desired me by way of Arbitrent to decide it; Wm Christian and Wm Corkle of ye one pt; and Thom: Crow, John McNameer and the eldest daughter of John Mayson who is at age in behalfe of herselfe and her brother and sister, of the other, and haveing bound themselves in 3£ ffine to ye Lord to stand to my award: I doe hereby upon good regard had, and consideracon taken in the promisses Arbitrate, that ye sd daughter of John Mason and her brother and sister shall have the full fumme of xxs[20s] sterl: to be paid by ye sd Wm Christian and Wm Corkle at or before Candlemas day next ensueing this date, they paying all other debts and incumbrances upon ye sd deceadts: and to keepe the sd children harmlesse of all such, wch said moneys is to be paid unto ye sd eldest daughter who is to give bonds for the other childrens pt therof, and this being done ye sd Christian and Corkle is to have the full benifitt of both their Invent: except of some little corn now growing wch to the use & behoofe of those children likewise; And this to be a finall end of all these controversies, I have subscribed my name Joh: Harrison Vicr: Gnl: Sept: 24th 1677 [The following is crossed out:] The eldest daughter is sworn supvisor, and hath her own pt of goods in her own hands, & is to bring in securities for ye other childrene pt wthin 14 dayes sub paena juris these are in ye anexed paper ffeb: ye 2th 1677/8 [This & the following are crossed out:] The above eldest daughter hath received the above xxs [20s] from Wm Christian, and therfore both hee and his executrs: are requitted for ever, as wittnesse her subscripcon: Jony Mayson her mark X [next page] ffeb: 2nd 1677/8 The eldest daughter Jony Mayson hath received the xxs[20s] made by Arbitration, from the hands of Wm Christian, and therfore hath acquitt= =ed him and his executors for ever of wch xxs. Thomas Crow hath received a noble viz 6d 8d, for his ffees as Atturney, and shee haveing received her own pte wth all, ther will remaine upon her charge to be accomptable for, to the other two children 8s --d, when ffees are deducted, whose pledges are for the same Robt: Cotter Senr: and John McNameer hath 4s 3d due to Margt: Mayson and Robt: Cotter son of Phillip hath 4s 3d due to John Mayson, in wch hee hath halfe ye pott in 3s 3d wch the sd John Mayson is to take insoe much when hee comes to age [back side of above:] Novr: 26 1707 John Mayson within mentioned hath this day received ye within 4s 3d from Robt: Cotter as witnesse his mark John Mayson X Before me Sam: Watleworth Archd:

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