John Radcliffe 1677

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Archdeacon Will 1677A #113 Andreas will of John Radcliffe, died 20 December 1676: 
Summary:  wife Ellin Kaighin (died April 1677, her will 1677A #115 Andreas), siblings: Mally, Catharine, Alice, Joney, 
William (John's heir),   also: bro in law? Gilbert Kaighin,  William Kaighin, witnesses: William Cleator & John Kneale, 
John Radcliffe, James Camaish, John Sayle, Christian Keneen (John was overseer of her daughter Ann Radcliffe, the 
granddau of John Keneen, see his will ArW 1675A #076) 
Andreas parish register:  John Radcliffe married Ellinor Kaighin on 12 January 1666/7 in Michael Parish
Andreas parish register:  John Ratcliff    buried  17 Dec 1676
will of wife: ArW 1677A #115 Andreas will of Ellin Radcliffe alias Kaighin, died 23 April 1677: husband John Radcliffe 
is dead (his will 1677A #113 Andreas), brother in law William Radcliffe & his wife & his sister, Gilbert Kaighin, brother 
John Kaighin, brother William Kaighin, brother Thomas Kaighin,   also: Gilbert Lace
see: ArW 1675A #076 Andreas will of John Keneen, died 4 March 1675/6, wife is not mentioned: granddau Catharine 
Radcliffe, granddau Ann Radcliffe (underage), dau xxxx [Christian] Radcliffe alias Keneen, kinsman John Radcliffe 
(& his brother William Radcliffe is pledge);   also: Ann Garrett
??father, ?relative: EpW 1670E #066 Andreas will of Philip Radcliffe, died 30 November 1669, intestate: wife is alive, 
eldest son married, unmarried children: William (of age), Mally & Catharine (under age)
	Andreas parish register:  Joney Radcliffe married John Wade on 22 April 1665 in Andreas
	Alice Radcliffe married xxxx Cowle  ?date, Andreas
ArW1706 #45 Andreas, of Alice Cowle als Radcliffe, died 5 Jan 1705/6:hsb xxxx Cowle, kids: Thomas & Letitia Cowle &  
youngest dau Joney; Cath Keey; dau Mgt; gchild John Tear; James Radcliffe’s dau; Dan Cowle
QUESTION: Did brother William marry Joney Sayle in 1671; she died in January 1675/6 (ArW 1675A #078 Andreas), 
no children; her mother Joney Sayle alias Camaish died in 1675 (ArW 1675A #077 Andreas). He then appears to 
have married Dorothy Garrett, and was married by April 1677.

Andreas 1676 This is affirmed to be the last will and testamt: of John Radcliffe who departed this life about ye 20th of December 1676, who being in perfect memory comitted his soule to God and his body to Xtian buriall: Item he bequeathed to ye poor according to the discretion of his execrs, to his sister Mally a sheep & Hood; To his sister Katherin a sheep, to his sister Alice a sheep, to his wife Ellin Kaighin his part of a calf and of a price of cloath, to his sister Jony half a firlett of principle corn, to Will Cleater 6d, to John Kneale 6d, and lastly he left his land to his brother Willm: Radcliffe which he said was his right and Heirship, alsoe he appointed and ordained his sd brother Willm: Radcliffe sole executor of all the rest of his goods moveable and unmoveable; alsoe he acknowledged to be indebted to John Radcliffe thirty shillings, to James Camaish eleven shillings ten pence, alsoe he said he owed John Sayle 3s, to Willm Cleater 1s 6d, & to his sister Mally 4s. He left Gilbert Kaighin a sheep and confessed that he owed Willm: Kaighin 6s, and further he declared that he never received any satisfaction from Christian Keneen in her daughters part of an heiffer wch was due to him as overseer of ye sd child Testes pbatum est et solvit xijd Willm: Cleater} Jon: Kneale } jurati The Invent: is ................................ 02£ - 06s - 00d Janry: ye 14th 1677 Gilbrt: Lace enters his claim against ye Executrs: of John Ratcliffe and his wife Ellin Kaighin for ye sume of ixs 6d sterl: due debt as hee will make to appear and craveth tryall

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