Ellen Radcliffe alias Kaighin 1677

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Date: 23 August 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #115 Andreas will of Ellin / Nelly Radcliffe alias Kaighin, died 23 April 1677: 
Summary: husband John Radcliffe is dead (his will 1677A #113 Andreas), brother in law William Radcliffe & his wife & 
his sister, Gilbert Kaighin, brother John Kaighin, brother William Kaighin, brother Thomas Kaighin, also: Gilbert Lace
Andreas parish register:  Nelly Brew     buried  24 April 1677
will of husband: ArW 1677A #113 Andreas will of John Radcliffe, died 20 December 1676: wife Ellin Kaighin (died April 1677, 
her will 1677A #115 Andreas), siblings: Mally, Catharine, Alice, Joney, William (John's heir), also: bro in law? Gilbert 
Kaighin,  William Kaighin, witnesses: William Cleator & John Kneale, John Radcliffe, James Camaish, John Sayle, Christian 
Keneen (John was overseer of her daughter Ann Radcliffe, the granddau of John Keneen, see his will ArW 1675A #076) 
Andreas parish register:  John Radcliffe married Ellinor Kaighin on 12 January 1666/7 in Michael Parish
Andreas parish register:  John Ratcliff    buried  17 Dec 1676

Andreas 1677 This is affirmed to be the last will and Testamt: of Ellin Kaighin who depart ed this life ye 23d of Aprill 1677, being in pfect memory comitted her soule to God and her body to Christian buriall, Item to Willm: Radcliffe three half firletts of oats yt was in his own hands, wth as much Russett as would be a pare of Britches, & her part of a woolen wheel, & halfe a sack, and to his wife an earthen mugg, to his sister a Redd petticoat & half an hogg. to Gilbert Kaighin an Hogg, to her brother John Kaighin 2s 3d that is in his own hands and 3 quarts of rye of the next cropp, to her brother Willm four yrds of Huirden cloath, and appointed her brother Thomas sole Executr: of all the rest of her goods moveable & unmoveable, and said she owed Gilbert Lace 2s 3d pbatum est et solvit xijd [the following was crossed out:] Willm Radcliffe exectr: to the Testators husband hath taken in hand and ob= liged himself to defray all debts due from either the Testator or her hus band and which were acknowledged by him, and doth therfore clear the above Thomas Kaighin of ye same, and yt wt debts were not yr acknowledged, they are to pay equally, being proved as wittness his mark Willm Radcliffe his mrk X Testes Willm Sayle John Quirk The Inventory priced by 4 sworn men comes to 0£ - 15s - 0d pledges in form of law Wm Clayter and Jo: Quirk

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