William Kindread, 1695

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Archdeacon Will 1695A #77 Lezayre will of William Kinread of Killibrickey/Killabrega, died 20 February 1695/6, intestate:
Summary: wife Catharine Callister is alive [married Feb 1686/7, previously married to Patrick Cannel who died December 1686, 
ArW 1686A #19 Michael], son Thomas, son John, next of kin of William: John Tear & Joney Tear; pledges: John Teare & Ewan Cordeige[?],
also: Hugh Callister owed 3s 3d, Thomas Teare owed 2s 1d, executors of Daniel Teare owed 3s 6d, Richard Kinread owed 3s, others
Michael parish register: William Kinread married Catharine Cannell alias Callister on 7 Feb 1686/7 in KK Michael
will of 1st husband of wife Catharine: ArW 1686A #19 Michael will of Patrick Cannell, written 29 November 1686: Catharine Callister
is alive, mother is dead & Patrick is owed 40s from her executors, son (eldest), daughter (died aroung time of probate), brother
Philip Cannell (his son is John), witnesses: Hugh Caine & Richard Cannell, Patrick was indebted to: William Cannell, Philip
Callister( ?brother in law), Gilbert Callister (?brother in law), Samuel Quay, John Wattleworth of Ramsey, William Gawne, merchant
Logan, People owing Patrick: John Stewan / Stephen, William Teare, William Woods
1st husband of wife: Michael parish register: Patt: Cannell buried 16 Dec 1686
stepson: Michael parish register: Robert son of Patt: Cannell christened 19 Aug 1678 Michael
stepdau: Michael parish register: Bahie dau of Patt: Cannell christened 8 Dec 1682 Michael [?twin]
stepdau: Michael parish register: Bahee daughter of Patt: Cannell buried 22 Aug 1686
stepdau: Michael parish register: Margt dau of Patt Cannell christened 9 Dec 1682 Michael [?twin, if so, as a twin, she likely died young]
See: Lezayre parish register: William Kinreade (Keel Brickey) buried 12 December 1831
See: Lezayre parish register: John Thomas Kinrade, Killabregga, Sulby Glen, 79 yrs, buried 8 November 1961
See: Lezayre parish register: Eliza Ann Kinrade, Killabregga, Sulby Glen, Lezayre, 76 yrs, buried 16 May 1692
?will of father in law: ArW 1694A #27 German will of William Callister, died 10 April 1695: 1st wife xxxx Callister als Clague
(children David & Jane Callister), 2nd wife Mary Crellin (dau Catharine Callister), witnesses: Sam Watleworth & Richard Gell,
see: ArW 1694A #38 Jurby will of Dollin/Daniel Teare, died 1 March 1694/5, plus 1688 Articles of Marriage between Dollin Teare &
2nd wife Catharine Teare: 1st wife Ann Skeally (died 1687, ArW 1688A #14 Jurby), 2nd wife Catharine Teare (dau of John Teare & Ann xxxx of
Michael), son James (by 1st wife), 2nd son John (of age by 1707, alive in 1733), 3rd son Nicholas (alive in 1733), dau Catharine, brother
Thomas Teare, witnesses: Matthew Bittle & Thomas Clark (who was very ill), pledges: William Corlett & William McNameer,
people owed him: John Harrison, Edward Teare, John Skeally, John Quirk people he owed: John Kneale, Ann Clark of Andreas
Included were the Articles of Marriage made 29 July 168--, with marriage to occur at or before 13 August next (1688 or 1689)
?See: ArW 1677A #022 Michael will of Ann Callister alias Cannell, died 8 April 1676: husband xxxx Callister is not mentioned, son Hugh
Callister, also: Margaret Teare, William Stephen, Daniel Stephen, witnesses: John Cannell & John Mylrea, pledge: Gilbert Callister
?see: Hugh Callister will: EpW 1712-1 Lezayre, decree
?See: ArW 1680A #33 Lezayre will of William Kinread, dated 10 December 1680: wife xxxx Kinley is not mentioned, son Thomas, son John
(youngest, underage, of age by 1696), son William, dau Ann Kinread (married Thomas Fayle, son Thomas), brother Thomas Kinread,
brother in law (brother of wife, childrenís uncle on the motherís side) William Kinley; Robert Steane / Stephen & wife, Mary Cowley,
William Kinread of Kelleybrickey/Killabrega, witnesses: William Kneen & Phinlo Steane / Stephen, pledges Thomas Kinread & William Kneale

LezAyr William Kindread departed this life abt the the 20th of Febry last intestate, whereof the court haveing intelligence hat decreed his two childen vizt Jno Thos Thomas and John sole and joynt Adminrs of all his goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever; the next of kin of the Fathers side supervisors, and a legasie to the wife upon sight of the inventory. Decretum est et solvit 2s John and Jony Tear 2 of the superviors with the wife are swon in Court according to law. The crop of corn £ s d to be added The inventory in gross amount to 03 : 16 : .. Debts to be defucted hereafter The children with yr goods in the wifes custory who .... according to law hath given pledges Tho: Tear & Edw: Co.... according to law. June the 9th 1696 Will: Kinred enters agt the Adminrs of Will: Kinread for 12s due debt. [previous page, on a slip of paper] Att a Court held in Ramsey June the 9th 1696 The within Bill of Debts (exhibited by the wife of Will: Kinread as justly due from her self and sd husband) is order ed to be pd according to Law [on the reverse side:] Deductions out of the Inventory of Will: Kinread ut sequitur by ye wife: due to Pat: Crain upon ye deads part ....... 0 - 5 - 0 X due to Wm Corras upon ye deads part ........ 0 - 7 - 3 due to Tho: Cally upon ye deads pt ......... 0 - 1 - 0 due to Tho: Quay upon ye deads pt .......... 0 - 4 - 0 X due to Tho: Tear upon ye deads pt .......... 0 - 2 - 1 X pd for corn upon the deads part ............ 0 - 16 - 0 To Hugh Callister upon the deads part ...... 0 - 3 - 3 X ffunerall charges 3s-6d, decree} 2s-4d..........................}............ 0 - 5 - 10 due to Mr Xtian upon ye deads part ......... 0 - 0 - 6 due to ye Exr: of Dan: Tear upon the} deadís part ...... pd ..............}....... 0 - 3 - 6 Expended in psecution of Killi- } brickey being a suit depending } .......... 0 - 12 - 00 in Law .........................} To Mr Ewan Curghey for tith ................ 0 - 2 - 3 To Edm: Curlet ............................. 0 - 1 - 3 To Richard Kindread ........................ 0 - 3 - 0 3 - 1 - 5 [on a slip of paper:] We whose names are underwritten are paid by Catherine Callester the said sume Patt Craine 10s ----- Hue Callester 7s Tho: Quae 8s Tho: Tear -- x - 6d Patt Craine his mark X Hue Callester his mark X Tho Quae his mark X Tho Tear his mark X

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