Catherine Kissage als Christian 1695

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Date: 12 June 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1695A #79 Lezayre will of Catharine Kissage alias Christian, died early 1696:
Summary: husband Ewan Kissage is alive, dau Jane (underage), son Ewan (underage), son John (underage), witneses:
William Kewley & Margaret Corlett, pledges: William Kewley & Philip Caley
?Jurby parish register: Catharine Christian married Ew: Kissage on 20 May 1682 in Jurby
?husband: Lezayre parish register: Ewan Kissage (Glen-Moar) buried 4 March 1721/2 ?no will
?will of mother: ArW 1690A #18 Jurby will of Isabel Christian alias Christry with land the Hill of Ballameanagh, Bride, died
24 December 1690: husband [Daniel] Christian is not mentioned [his will ArW 1680A #32 Jurby], son Thomas (left Ballameanagh), 
dau Bahie, dau Ann, dau Catharine, young dau Joney, also: Catharine Christian of Ballamore, Jurby (christened April 1689, father 
is Captain Thomas Christian), sister Margaret Christry, brother William Christry, also: Philip Kneen, William Cowley, Ewan Kneen, 
witnesses: Richard Teare & John McNameer, pledges: Mr Robert Christian & Captain Thomas Christian
?will of father: ArW 1680A #32 Jurby will of Daniel Christian, with land Ballameanagh, Bride, died 10 November 1680: wife Isabel 
Christry [her will ArW 1690A #18 Jurby], dau Catharine, dau Ann (of age), dau Bahie (of age by 1686), son & heir Thomas (of age by 169x), 
dau Joney (underage), brother William Christian, witnesses: Thomas Kelly & John Teare, pledges: Ewan Killip & John Teare, brother in law
William Christry entered a claim
Lezair The last will and teastement off Kathrin Christian, ffirst she committed her soule to God and her body to Christian burial Itt: she left all her linnen and clothing to her daughter Jane Kisage; Itt: she left all the rest off her goods to her three children Ew: , John, & Jane Kisag, and the children and goods to ye costity off the father Ew: Kisag, and if ye childeren all die, yt the husband Ew: Kisage would have all the good to himselfe The Executr: being undr age Tesdes the father of them are sworne Willm: Kueley } in Court in form of Law Margt: Corlett } jurati Probat: est et solvit 1s The Inventory taken in grosse amts to 1£ - 10s - 0 The goods with ye children are in the hands of ye husband who hath given pledges Will: Kewley & Philip Cally according to Law [Claim note found after ArW 1696A #19 Maughold will of Ann xxxx [?Christian] alias Christian:] ffebr: the 24th 1696 Will: Cannell and the rest of the Exrs: of Margt Xtin entrs their claime agt the Exrs: of Ewan Kissaige wife for the summe of five pounds

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