Christian Creer als Quayle 1695

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Date: 13 June 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1695A #78 Maughold will of Christian Creer alias Quayle, died 23 April 1696, intestate:
Summary: husband [Thomas] Creer is alive [he remarried to Mary (Christian), he died 1724/5, ArW 1625A #95 Maughold],
only child Alice Creer, Christianís next of kin to be supervisor; pledges William Kermeen & Daniel Callow
Maughold parish register: Christin Creare als Quale buried 27 April 1696
dau: Maughold parish register: Alice dau of Thomas Creer christened 1 July 1694 in Maughold
husband: Maughold parish register: Tho: Crear buried 16 February 1724/5
will of husband: ArW 1725A #95 Maughold will of Thomas Creer, died 15 February 1724/5: 2nd wifeMary xxxx is alive, son
& heir WilliamCreer (of age), dau Alice (mother is dead), son Thomas (underage), son John (underage), son Ann, pledges:
John Lewney & William Creetch
?2nd wife: Maughold parish register: Mary Creer als Christian buried 3 March 1735/6 ?no will
dau: Maughold parish register: Jony Chreare dau of Thomas Chreare christened 8 February 1698/9 in Maughold
dau: Maughold parish register: Margt: Creere dau of Thomas Creere christened 9 May 1700 in Maughold
???: Maughold parish register: Margt Crear, spinster, buried 2 April 1722
son & heir: Maughold parish register: Will Chreare son of Thomas Chreare christened 31 March 1702 in Maughold
dau: Maughold parish register: Ann Creare dau of Thomas Creare christened 31 Mar 1707 in Maughold
son: Maughold parish register: Thomas Creare dau of Thomas Creare christened 9 September 1711 in Maughold
son: Maughold parish register: John Creare dau of Thomas Creare christened 24 July 1715 in Maughold

Mahold Christian Creer als Quaile departed this life abt the 23th of Aprill last intestat whereof the Court haveing Intelligence have Decreed her onely child Alice Creer sole Adminr: of all her goodsmoveable and unmoveable whatsoever, the next of kinne on the mothers side vizt: [blank spot for names never entered] Supervisors and a Legacie to the husband upon sight of the Inventory The husband is sworn at present Supervisor of the sd child in form of Law, and the net of kinn to be sworn next Court Decretum est et solvit --- The Inventory taken and priced according to law amounts to the summe of ............04 - 00 - 00 The goods in ye husbands hands who hath given pledges in form of Law Wm Kermeen & Dan: Calow
[Transcribers note See: ArW 1694A #49 Bride will of Catharine Christian alias Crenilt alias Christian of Ballamin, dated 14 April 1695: 1st? husband xxxx Crenilt, 2nd? husband [Daniel] Christian of Ballamin is not mentioned [he died about 1692], Daniel Christian of Ballamin & wife, Ewan Christian of Ballamin & wife, dau Catharine Christian, son in law Thomas Corlett, dau Mary (ill), granddau Margaret Corlett, grandson John Corlett, son Thomas Crennell / Crenilt, also: Parson Christian, Philip Sayle, Mary Brew, witnesses: John Kneale & Alice Lace, pledges: William Sayle & John Kneale NOTE: At this time, the Scribe in Bride used the Manx form when recording the womanís name, and the only name remaining at the crumbled top is the surname ĎChristianí. The old Typed Index indicates that this is the will of Catharine Christian; presumably the top line containing the testatorís name was not crumbled away when Catharineís name was recorded in the Old Index. pledges for John Xtian Henry Callow for Jo: Cammaish Wm: Kneal, for John Kneale Ewan Xtian, to be added to the Dec: of Kath Xtian als Cammaish in KK Bryde

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