Ann Kneen alias Christian 1695

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Date: 22 June 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1695A #38 Lezayre will of Ann Kneen alias Christian, per 1680 Articles of Marriage made
10 December 1680 between son John Kneen junior & Catharine Skinner, Ann died early 1696 & accepted as Ann's will:
Summary: husband John Kneen probably dead, son John Kneen junior, dau in law Catharine Skinner (heiress of father),
witnesses to Articles: Nicholas Christian & Joh n Kinley & William Skinner & James Radcliffe & ---- Crebbin; 
pledges E--- Christian & William Callow
?husband of Ann: John Kneen dead by 5 November 1694 Lezayre, made a will per 1694 defuncts Lezayre
NOTE: The Articles of Marriage would become the will of the 'longer liver' between Ann and her husband John
dau in law: Lezayre parish register: Cath Kneen als Skinner buried 9 September 1723 Episcopal Will
son: Lezayre parish register: John Kneen (Manjre) buried 21 April 1734 ArW 1734A #36 Lezayre
will of son: ArW 1734A #36 Lezayre will of John Kneen, died 19 April 1734: [1st wife Catharine Skinner died 1723), 2nd wife
Ann Moore alias Quayle is alive (they married 3 August 1725 Lezayre), nephew William Kneen of Ramsey, Edmund Kneen's
son of Balleigh, 2nd wife Ann (her son Robert Moore, her 1st husband Michael Moore), witnesses & pledges: William Kneale
& John Cottier,
Lezayre parish register: Ann Quayle married Michael Moore on 13 Apr 1714 in Lezayre
Lezayre parish register: Michael Moore buried 6 February 1724/5

Articles of Marriage agreed & conclutted upon betw----[torn] & his wife Anne Kneen als Christian of ye pish of K----[torn] Skiner in her own behalf in ye other party as followeth: ffirst it it condescended concluded & agree upon betwixt all partyes that the sd Jon: Kneen & Cathrine Skinner shall forthwth enter in----[torn] holy estate of Matrimony if God pmitt & holy church allow there----[torn] Secondly in consideracon of ye sd marriage to be made ye sd sd John Kn----[torn] & his wife doe promise &oblige themselves to give their sd son the one half of all his lands & houses wth half of all their goods moveable & unmoveable of wt nature or quality whatsoever, and thae other half of all their goods and lands whatsoever to ye sd young couple imediatly after the desease of the longer liver of him the sd John Kneen & Ann his wife Thirdly it is agreed and concluded upon that wheras the sd Catherine Skiner hath a considerable portion of goods due to her by the death of her father -------[torn] that if so hapen that the sd Catherin dye wthout issue to injoy the lands that then & in that case the one half of all goods & money of wt nature soever is to discend & fall to ye next of kindred to ye sd Catherin Skiner Ffourthly it is agree and concluded & agree upon that in consideracon of ----[torn] bargain given by ye sd Jon: Kneen &his wife that they young couple shall allow & pay to ye sd Jon: Kneen the summof thirty shillings Ffifthly it is agreed that if the young Cowple doe purchase any lands ----[torn] goods or portion pperly belonging to themselves, that in case they can not agree to be of one meat drink & dyatt wth their sd parents that then and in that case if they make any division that all lands soe purchased is solely to be long to ye young cowple if they shall not then otherwise agree among themselves And lastly for the true pformance of all above mentioned all the foresd partyes have bounds themselves --ther to other in penalty & forfeiture of forty pounds sterl: in ye nature of all other fines, and to attest the same to be their acts & deeds have subscribed their names & ----[torn] mrks this tenth day of Decembr: 1680 In presence of us John Kneen his mrk X wittnesses Anne Kneen als Xtian her mrk X Nicholas Christian Jon: Kneen junr: hismrkX Ew: Kneen X Catharin Skiner her mrk X Jon: KinleyX Wm: Skiner X March the 13th 1681/2 James Ratcliff X All the parties to the above and wthin Contract have th----[torn] ---es Crebbin day and acknowledged the same to be theire pu--- ----[torn] agreement before me John Christian [next page] The within Contract being pro----[torn] the Deemster the same is accepted of as ----[torn] last Will of Anne Christian and the ----[torn] sworn in Court according to Law Accemtum est et solvit 6d pledges to secure the office and pay all debts and legacies according to Law E----[torn] Christian and William Callow ---- 10th 1696 Doncan Ffaile entrs his claime agt the Exrs: of Anne Christian for ye sum of five shill: due &c

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