Margaret Cottier alias Corlett 1695/6

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Date: 22 June 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1695A #39 Lezayre will of Margaret Cottier alias Corlett of Lag Geile, per 1694 Articles 
of Marriage dated 24 xxxx 1694, between Thomas Cottier & Margaret Corlett (daughter of John Corlett), 
who are to marry before 20 July 1694,Margaret died 1 January 1695/6, & accepted as her will:
Summary: husband Thomas Cottier, son Thomas Cottier, brother Thomas Corlett (dead by 1705), brother John Corlett, sister
Ellin Corlett, brother William Corlett, sister in law Christian Cottier, sister in law Margaret Caley, witnesses to Contract:
Edmund Corlett & John Radcliffe, witnesses to will Thomas Kneen & Richard Keig, pledges: John Corlett & William Corlett
?brother: Lezayre parish register: Thomas Corlett buried May 1705
sister in law: Lezayre parish register: Margt: Corlett als Caley buried 19 October 1723
?will of mother in law: ArW 1693A #29 Lezayre will of Catharine Cottier alias Joyner, died 27 September 1693: husband xxxx
Cottier is not mentioned, dau Christian Cottier, son William, dau Margaret, dau Averick Cottier, son Thomas Cottier,
witnesses & pledges: Richard Keig & John Corlett,

----- ye 24th 1694 Articles of Marriage agreed concluded and condescended upon betwixt Thomas Cotter and Margeratt Curlett who are to enter into the holy Estate of Matrimony before the twentieth day of July next God and holy Church allowing the same Imprimis Jon: Curlett in the behalfe of his DaughterMarge rett Curlett doth give her as dowry or porcon with the said Thomas Cotter a smale pcell of land which he hath in mortgage from Jon: Kewne of theKelley commonly called the Lag Geile, for the sume of five pounds, And this said parcell of Land they are to enter upon against Michalmas next come two years, without fraud or mollestation Secondly it is agreed upon that the said Thomas Cotter if it pleased God they have children to Inheritt between them both,either son or daughter, shall have and injoy all what Lands they now possess of what nature soe ever Thirdly it is agreed upon that if the said young coople either of them dye without Issue, that is to say if the husband if he die first the wife is to have twentie shillings of his ppor goods, And likewise if the wife die first he is to have twentie shills: out of her goods. And for the true pformance of all and sing gular the above promisses all ptys concernd doe bond themselves in the penalty of ten pound to be levied in the nature of all other fines and to this wee have Int------angeably sett to our hands our marcks the day and year above written Jon: Curlett his mrk X wittnesses Tho: Cotter his mrk X Edm: Curlett Margaret Curlett her X Jon: Rattcliffe hismrk X [next page] 19 February 1695 The wittnesses to the within Contract have deposed the same to be the Act and deed of the parties thereunto before me Jon: Parr [next page] The last will & testamt of Margt Corlett who dep----[torn] this life the first day of Jan: last 1695 first she committed her soul to God and her body to Ch----[torn] tian buriall Imprimis she left the tuition of her childe Tho:Cotter wth his goods to her brother Tho: Corlett, likewise she left if the said childe dyed under age that her sd brother Thomas should injoy his goods; only paying her brother Jon Corlett five shills: of ye sd goods fell unto him Item she bequeathed to her sister Ellin Corlett an Apron and her shoes Item she bequeathed to her sister in law Christian Cotter a waistcoat Item she beqeuathed to her husband Tho: Cotter a smale heffer and a smale peece of cloath Item she bequeathed to her sister in law Margt Cailey a coife and pinnr Item she left to the wittnesses vidat: Tho: Kneen and Rich Kegg six pence apeece Legasie She constituted and appointed her sd childe Executr: of all the rest of her good moveable an dunmoveable, and the tuition of him as above mentioned The husband and supervisor sworn wittnesses in Court according to Law Tho: Kneen my mrk X } pbatum est et solvit 10d Rich: Kegg my mrk X } jurati £ s d The Inventory taken by the Sumnr: ....... 01 - 11 - 00 More added the Land promised in Con} tract Bargain in liew of 5£ .......}..... 05 - 00 - 00 pledges according to Law John Curlet & Wm Curlet Memorandum that ye Supervisor hath the five pound in the Land above menconed in his possession Decembr: the 28th 1696 Charles Kewin entrs agt the Exrs of Margrt Curlet for ..... 02£ - 8s - 2d Janry: 16: 1705 This day ye Relict of Thomas Curlet ye above Supr: deceased came to ye Records & hath deliver’d what share of goods belong’d to ye Execr: to ye stepfather Thomas Cotter, whereuon she is discharged, & ye husband hath give pledges for ye same Wm Kegg & Wm Cotter Before me Tho: Watleworth Regr: The Admstr: of Tho: Curlet have deliverd ye rest of ye goods to the stepfather Tho: Cotter who hath given pledge Wm Curlet, Novr 3d 1707 before me Sam: Watleworth [next page] febr: 23d 1705/6 The one halfe of ye within Inventory is in ye hand of John & Will: Curlet uncles to ye within Exr: who have given pledges in form of Law The other half in ye hands of Thomas Cotter father to ye sd Execr: & hath give pledges Wm Kegg

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