Ann christian alias Radcliffe 1695

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Date: 21 June 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1695A #40 Lezayre will of Ann Christian alias Radcliffe, died 15 January 1695/6:
Summary: husband Edward Christian, son David Christian, dau Ellin / Nelly, dau Ann, son Edward, dau Mary, 
granddau Margaret Quark, also: William Christian & 2 sons, witnesses: James Christian & Mary Kerruish, 
pledges: Captn James Christian & Edmund Quoole / Coole

LeyAyre This is affirmed to be the last will of Ann Christian als Ratliff who departed this life abt the 15th of January 1695, being of good & pect memory; Imprimis she commended her soul unto God and body to Christian buriall; Itm: to her son David Christian 6 yards of coloured serge and 8 yards of white cloth that was in the house; Itm: to her daughter Nelly her best serge pettycoat; Itm: to her daughter Anne a large pettycoat gown; Itm: to her son Edward the one half of a heiffer of 2 year old, three shillings in money and a yard of Linnen cloth yt was in the house; Itt: to William Christians two boyes 12d apiece, and to her grandchild Margt Quark 1s, and to her daughter Mary 5s, And constituted and ordained her dead & loveing husband Edw Christian Exr: of all the rest of her goods moveable & unmoveable whatsoever The Exr: sworn in Testes James Christian} court according to Law Mary Keruse....} jurati probatum est ie solvit 6d The Inventory within amounts: pledges according to Law Capn James Christian and Edm: Quoole Decembr: the 2d 1696 Capt John Watleworth entrs his claim agt the Exrs: of Ann Xtian als Ratcliff for the summ of 1£ - 8s - 0d due &c Jan: 7th 1696 Henry Callow entrs: agt the Exr: of Anne Christian als Ratliff for the sume of nine shills: and six pence due upon the account of tithes which was betwixt the clamr and her husband Edw: Christian as will be made to appear and craves ye Law

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