Christian Quay alias Cowle 1695

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Archdeacon Will 1695A #42 Maughold will of Christian Quay alias Cowle, died 7 December 1695:
Summary: husband xxxx Quay is not mentioned, sister Margaret Corkill alias Cowle, sister Joney Corlett alias Cowle,
niece ('cousin') Catharine Kerruish alias Corlett who with her husband took care of Christian when ill, witnesses: 
Edmund Stephen & Mary Kerruish alias Kissage, pledges: William Curghey & John Christian, also: Margaret Cowle entered 
a claim, & William Christian entered a claim in behalf of wife for an eighth part of the crop at Shellag
Maughold parish register: Christin Quay als Cowle buried 8 December 1695
niece: Maughold parish register: Cath Keruse als Corlett bur 27 Oct 1728
?sister: Andreas parish register: Joney Cowle married Daniel Corlett in May 1657 Andreas
?sister: Andreas parish register: Margaret Cowle married D---- [?Donold] Corkill on 30 July 1659 in Maughold

Mahold This is affirmed to be the last will and testam----[torn] Christian Quay alias Cowle who departed this l----[torn] aboute the 7th off December 1695, though sick in bodie, yet off perffect memory; She ffirst commended her soule to God, and her bodie to Christian buriall; Itt: to her sister Margreat Corkill alias Cowle a petticoat, and what wear= =ing aparrell she there had upon her bodie, Itt: to her sister Joney Curlet aliass Cowle a head and neck kerchiffe, or a yard off linin cloath; Itt: to everie one off her relations that would pretend a right to her goods each off them 6d Legacy; Itt: she constetuted and ordained her cosen Keatrin Kerrowse alias Curlett her true and laffull Exseqtr: off all the rest off her goods moveable and unmoveable off what nature soever; and ffurther declared that she had settled all what she had beffore by way off Contract upon her saide cosen Keatrin and thought it two little, for her and her husbands care off her whilst in her bed off sickness This ass wittness our ands or mrks this 10th of febr: 1695 { Edm: Steven jurati { Mary Kerrouse The Exrx: sworn in Court accord { aliass Kissage ing to Law pbatum est et solvit 1s ---r: 29 1696 Margt Cowle entrs for The Inventory taken according to Law .......05£ - 06s - 4d pledges William Curghey and John Xtian according to Law [found several pages later, among the pages listing defuncts:] Novembr the 12th 1695 Wm Christian entrs his claim agt the Adminrs: of Christian Cowle for the summ of eight part of the crop of corn in Shellag due unto his wife as will be made to appear and craveth ye Law

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