William Callow 1695

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Date: 21 June 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1695A #45 Maughold will of William Callow of Ramsey, died 30 October 1695:
Summary: wife is alive, has a son, there are other children, witnesses: Robert Callow & Patrick Kerruish, 
pledges: Robert Callow & John Christian
Maughold parish register: William Callow buried 3 November 1695

Ramsey: This is affirmed to be the last will of William ------[fold] who departed this life about the 30th of October 1695 ------[fold] being of pfect memory, ffirst he committed his soule ------[fold] God, and his body to Christian buriall; Itt: he ------[fold] his part of the house to his son; And apointed ------[fold] wife Erx: of all the rest of his goods moveable ------[fold] unmoveable whatsoever In regard that there was no Legacie lef------[fold] the rest of the Children, they are therefo------[fold] Decreed joynt Exrs: with yr mother who ------[fold] testes sworn in Court according to Law Robt Callow juratus pbatum est et solvit nil Pat Kerush The Inventory taken in form of Law 00£ -14s - ------[fold] The goods and tuition of the children in the hands of the mother who hath given in pledges Robt Callow & Joh: Christian according to Law

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