Averick Caralaugh als Taggart 1695

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Date: 20 June 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1695A #48 Braddan will of Averick Caralaugh alias Taggart, died 22 March 1695/6:
Summary: husband Patrick Caralaugh (died 1707), son William, son James, dau Joney, grandson Patrick Caralaugh,
granddau Jane Caralaugh; witnesses Daniel/Donold Kneale & John Steane/Stephen, pledges: Daniel Kneale & Henry Taggart
Braddan parish register: Avrick Caralagh als Tagart buried 22 March 1695/6
Braddan parish register: Patrick Kerralagh buried 10 August 1707
?dau: Braddan parish register: An Caralagh daughter of Pat: Caralagh buried 21 September 1659
?husbandís son: Braddan parish register: Ro: Caralagh son of Patt: Caralagh, illegit: buried 5 January 1671
will of father: ArW 1663A #089 Braddan will of Walter Taggart, died 3 April 1664: wife is not mentioned, illegitimate son Paul
Taggart; dau Ann (married xxxx Cubbon, Annís will decree EpW 1674 Braddan wills), dau Margaret (married Philip Cannell),
dau Averick (married Patrick Caralaugh); son Henry Taggart exec; grandson Thomas Caralaugh; grandson William Cubbon;
grandson Christopher Taggart; witnesses: Richard Cottier & Robert Quine pledges: Gilbert Creer & John Gelling

Braddan The last will & Testament of Avrick Caralaugh als Taggart who depted this life ye 22th of March 1695 ffirst shee comitted her soule to God & her body to Xtian buriall; It: shee left to ye poore a firlett of meale ----[dark] or a sheep; It: shee left to her loving Husband Patrick Caralaugh her pte of ye house in Duglas dureing his life; It: shee left to her grandson Patrick Caralaugh a sheep & a lambe; It: shee left to her grandaughter Jane Cara= =laugh a sheep & a lambe; It: shee constituted & ordayned her three children viz: William James Jony Caralaugh to be her true & lawfull executors of all ye rest of her goods moveable & unmoveable wt:soever William and Jane are sworn in Court witnes according to Law Danald Kneale} pbatum est et solvit 1s John Steane } jurati the Inventory amounts to .......... 4£ - 0s - 0d pledges according to Law Dan: Kneale & Henry Taggart June the 2d 1696 Jo: Cubun entrs his claim agt the entrs of Averick Caralaugh for the sum of 16s due as will be made to appeare

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