Henery Kewley 1695

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Date: 19 June 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1695A #49 Braddan will of Henry Kewley son of Henry Kewley deceased, 
living on the Nunnery Land in Braddan, Deed of Gift made 8 June 1669 as he prepared to 
leave for England [?with uncle Thomas Christian], accepted as a will in 2 June 1696:

Summary: father Henry Kewley is dead (died about 1649), mother Isabel Kewley alias Christian remarried Philip Cowle 
& she died 1706 (ArW 1705A #17 Braddan), uncle William Kewley of Ballasalla, uncle John Kewley deceased, witnesses 
to Deed of Gift: Robert Kermode (alive in 1695) & Robert Cottier (alive in 1695) & William Flexney (dead in 1695)
will of father: Episcopal Will books 1647-1650 Braddan,will of Henrie Kewley
mother: Braddan parish register: Isabel Cowle als Xtian buried 10 August 1706
?stepfather: Braddan parish register: Philip Coulebur 21 June 1675 Episcopal will 1675 Braddan
will of mother: ArW 1705A #17 Braddan will of Isabel Cowle als Kewley als Christian, died 10 April 1706: no 
husband is mentioned, nephew (brotherís son) Edward Christian, brother Daniel Christian, sister Joney Kermode 
(married [William] Kermode, son William junior & dau Margaret Brew als Kermode of Santan), William Kermode junior
will of grandfather: ArW 1670A #013 Onchan will of Edward Christian of Bemahague, died 19 February 1669/70: 
wife Ann Finch/Vinch (died about 1680, Episcopal will)
will of mother: ArW 1705A #17 Braddan will of Isabel Cowle als Kewley als Christian, died 10 April 1706: April 
the 10th 1 1706:  See: IOM FHS journal, February 2004, per Ruth O'Keefe, The Christian of Beemaughaig family: 
"Issue of Edward Christian and Ann Finch 1669"
See Archdeconal wills pdf file for further family details.

Know all men by these presents that I Henry Kewley son of Henry Kewley Late liveing one the Nunnery Land in ye pish of KK Bradan haveing the summ of 1£ - 18s - 0d remaining in the hands of my uncle William Kewley of Ballasalla, webster, as also ye sum of 9[?] shillings in ye hands of my mothter Issabell Cowell alias Christian as was left to my by my uncle John Kewley all wch I doe hereby leave as my pper Deed of Gift unto my above sd mother for ever except I com in my pper person to demand and receive the same and I doe hereby ffurther constituted nominate and appoint her my sd mother & her now husband Phillip Cowell my stepfather to be my true and lawfull attorney for me and in my name and to my use and behoofe to aske demand levie recover & receive all and every pte or pcell of my above sd goods as is due oweing an belonging unto me ye sd Henry, and in the hands of my above sd uncle Willm Kewley and for nonpaymt: thereof I doe Authorize my sd Attorneys to sue arest implead atteach imprison & out of prison to Release him my sd uncle also upon receipt of all or any the A= bove sd goods acquittance or acquittances for me and in my name to make seale and deliver, ratiefieing confirming & allowing all & every Act or Actes thing or things divice or divices in ye Law what soe ever to be as good & Effectuall in ye Law as if I had don ye same in my owne pper person present as witnes my marke and seale the 8th day of June 1669 signed sealed & dilivered Henry Kewley in ye presents of my mrk and seald Robert Kermott .............} Robt Cotteier his mrk X } jurati Willm: Fflexney June ye 2d 1696 Robt: Kermod and Robt: Cotter two of the witnesses haveing deposed the above Deed of Gift to be the voluntary Act and Deed of Henry Kewley; the same is accepted of for his last will and his mother accordingly sworn in form of Law [next page] Know all men that I the wthin mentioned Henry Kewley junr: doe acknowledge and confess my selfe to be fully contented and satisfied by --- wthin mentioned mother Issabell Cowell alias Christian for ye whole & entire sum of 20s ster: wch is to ---[fold] that 28 as is wthin mentioned in her hands by ye death of my uncle John Kewley as witness my hand this 8th of Juny 1669 Witnesses prsent Henry Kewley my mrk X Donold Christian smith his mark Robt: Cotter his mrk X Willm: Fflexney [next page, NOTE that this page has been crossed out:] ffor as much as I Henry Kewley son of Henry Kewley formerly liveing upon ye Nunery Land in ye pish of KK Bradan, being by Gods Gracious assistance bound for England to try my fortune and haveing ---- pte of goods as fell due to me by ye death of my above sd father amounting to 1&poun£ - 18s - 0d, also ye sum of twentie shillings as was left as Legasie by my uncle Jo: Ke----[torn] wch remains in ye hands of my mother Issabell Cowell alias Christian

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