Thomas Bell 1695

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Date: 18 June 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1695A #53 Malew will of Thomas Bell of Crossage, per 1677 Articles of Marriage, 
dated 14 October 1677, accepted as a will of Thomas on 20 May 1696:
Summary: wife is not mentioned, dau Ellin Bell married Thomas Taylor 4 November 1677, witnesses to Contract: 
Charles Moore & Thomas Radcliffe & Thomas Taylor (alive in May 1696) & Robert Lewney (alive in May 1696), 
pledges in 1696: Robert Shimmin & William Gelling
dau: Malew parish register: Ellin dau of Tho: Bell christened 23 March 1653/4 in Malew
dau: Malew parish register: Ellin Taylor als Bell buried 19 August 1722
For further details of grandchildren see the Archdeaconal Wills pdf

October 14th 1677 Articles of Marriage condescended unto concluded and agreed upon betw----[torn] Bell Crossage of the pish of the KK Malew for and in the behalfe of his daughter ----[torn] Bell on thone pt And Tho: Taylor of the sayd pish on thother pt in his owne behalfe as followeth Imprimis it is condescended unto concluded and agreed upon that the said Tho: Taylor and Ellin Bell doe meete att their pish Church and there be joyned together in the estste of Matrimonie att or about Hallowtyde next God and holy Church pmitt the same Secondly it is conscented unto, concluded and agreed upon betwixt the sayd partie and the sayd Thomas Bell doth hereby promise and binde him selfe to endow ----[torn] give in marriage goods or dowry to the sayd Tho: Taylor and Ellin --- to ----[torn] wife halfe of all his worldly goods and estate whatsoever that is in his power or posse= =sion to enter upon and possess and enjoy the same imediatly after theire marriage wthout any let, stopp or molestacon And thother halfe of all his worldly goods and estate att and after his decease save only ten shillings worth of goods wch he reserved and keepes in his owne power to order and dispose of as he whall see good att his will makeinge or latter day, And the sayd Tho: Taylor and Ellin now to be his wife doth hereby binde themselves executors administrators and assignes to looke well and take care of the sayd Tho: Bell their father in the tyme of his sicknes, ould age or need att all tymes and seasons as necessitie shall require And for the performance of all and singuler the premises all the aforenamed person have herby bound themselves executors administrators and assignes in the penalty of twenty pounds sterl: thone halfe to the Honble: Lord of the Isle and thother halfe to the partie pforminge bargan In wittnes wherof they have hereunto subscribed the day and yeer first and above written Tho: Bell his mrke X Signed and delivered in the presence of Tho: Taylor his mrke X Charles Moore Ellin Bell her mrke X Tho: Ratcliffe his mrke X Tho: Taylor his mrke X 20th May 1696 Robt Lowney his mrke X Thomas Taylor and Robt: Lowney the two surviveing wittnesses to this Con have deposed the same to be true in every perticuler before me Jo: The above Contract Bargain being being proved before the Deemstr: the same is accept ed of for the last will of Thom: Bell, and his daughtter Ellin is sworn in Court according to Law acceptum est et solvit 1s pledges to secure the office and pay all debts and legacies according to Law Rob: Shimmin & Will: Gelling

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