Margaret Killey als Cubbon 1695

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Date: 18 June 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1695A #54 Malew will of Margaret Killey alias Cubbon, per 1686 Articles of Agreement
dated 10 October 1686 [9 months after they married] between William Killey tailor & wife Margaret Cubbon, 
accepted as the will of Margaret on 2 June 1696:
Summary: husband William Killey tailor [& remarried to Catharine Cannell], they have children by 1696; witnesses 
to the Contract: James Maddrell & Alexander Battersby & Robert Calcott; witnesses to the will James Maddrell & 
Alexander Battersby [butcher]; pledges: Thomas Bell & Nicholas Shimmin
Malew parish register: William Killey married Margaret Cubbon on 2 February 1685/6 in Mallew
?2nd wife of William: Malew parish register: William Killey married Cathraine Cannell on 19 July 1696 in Malew
?2nd wife of William: Malew parish register: Cathe Killey als Cannell buried 27 January 1733/4

Articles of Agreement concluded & agreed upon by Wi----[dark & torn edge] of Castelltowne tayler on ye one prty, & Margret Killey ----[dark & torn edge] Cubon wife to ye sd Willm: on ye other prty as followeth: That ye sd Willm Killey & Margret his wife out of ye natural Love & affection that we beare ye one unto ye other, doe joyntly & severally make this our acte & deed of gifte ye one unto ye other, & more especiall to ye longer of us both shall then peaseablely enter & posses al our gorciber[?] movable & unmovable, as house housses gardens & garden plots or Crofts or any other things that shall heare after rise or belonge to us or either of us, all wayes prvided that if it please God to send us issue that they shall enter it after ye death of ye longer of us both, & for cleareling of all person or persons for any of any of our kinsfolke to claim any right to any peny worth that doth belonge unto us, both & either of us doe cut them of with wixpence Legasie & for true performance of all & singuler ye prmises wee buynd our selves and our asignes in ye penualty & forfitur of ten pounds the on halfe to ye Right Honrble: ye Lord of the Isle & ye other half to ye prty greeved this as witnes our hands the 10th of Octobr: 1686 Witness heareof Willm: Killey his mrk X James Maddrell his mark X Margrett Killey her mark X Allexander Battersby mark X Robt: Callcott 2 June 1696 James Maddrell and Allex: Battersby the two surviving wittnes to the above Articles have deposed the same to be the mutuall Agreemt of the parties thereunto before me Jon: Parr [next page, written on the back of the above] [torn & dark]---- --- Deed and agreemt being [torn & dark]----ed before the Deemstr:, the same is accepted of for the last will of Margrt: Killey, and the husband is sworn in Court according to Law & hath given pledges to secure the Inven tory for the use of the children accordig to the within agreemt: Thomas Bell and Nich: Shimmin Acceptum est et solvit 1s [next page] K Malew March 27 An Inventory of ye goods of Margrett Killey als Cubon ----[torn edge] by 4 sworn men (vid) Jon: Qualtrough, Alex: Battersby, Jon: Harr----[torn edge] Qualtrough as followeth: £ ----[torn edge] Imprmis: dj pewter 6s 3d, It: dj: bottles 6d, d: woodden vessels 2s 2d ............. 00 - 08----[torn edge] It: dj barrells & tubs 8s 6d, dj: chest 6d; It: 8 wheles 2s 6d ..................... 00 - 12 - ----[torn edge] It: dj: chare, table & formes 2s 6d, dj: ladder & some stickes 1s .................. 00 - 03 - 06 It: dj: pott & pan 2s 6d, dj: weights & sives 3d, dj: earthen vessalls 16d ......... 00 - 03 - 11 It: her made clothes 16s, It: dj: blankets 8s 6d ................................... 01 - 04 - 06 It: dj: feather bed, boulster & bedstide 8s, dj: course sheets & table cloth 5s 6d 00 - 13 - 06 It: dj: fine sheets 4s, dj: cattle 39s, dj: hemp flax & yarne 2s 4d ................ 02 - 05 - 04 It: dj: wooll & som hemp 3s 9d, It: her made linins 12s ............................ 00 - 15 - 09 It: dj: hurden cloth 3s 4d, dj: sheep 4s, dj: mugs 2d .............................. 00 - 07 - 04 It: on ye deads part in other things ............................................... 01 - 00 - 00 The halfe of ye house and garden unpriced It: the other half of the house and garden Debts to be deducted, for funeral charges 12s It: other debt on ye deads part ................. xxxxd

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