Charles Rothwell/Rothmell 1695

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Date: 16 June 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1695A #55 Malew will of Charles Rothwell / Rothmell, died 18 April 1696:
Summary: wife [?Alice Quayle] is dead [?died July 1690 & made a will I cannot find], son John [married Catharine Fox alias
Qualtrough, he died 1724/5, Episcopal Will, Catharine died 1727, ArW 1727A #34 Malew], dau Ellin, witnesses: John Woods
& John Watterson; pledges:Mr Robert Calcott & Francis Wolfenden
Malew parish register: Charles Rothmell buried 19 April 1696
See: Charles Rothwell presented 17 November 1667 Malew for calling Jane Wilk a drunken whore
See wife: Archdeacon Wills 1667 presentments Malew: Alice Rothwell als Quayle wife of xxxx [Charles] Rothwell was cursed
by Jane Lee (married to xxxx Bridson), Jane presented 17 November 1667 Malew, for cursing Alice
wife: Malew parish register: Alice Rothmell als Quaile buried 25 July 1690
son: Malew parish register: Mr John Rothwell Castle Rushen Gunner buried 12 March 1724/5 Episcopal Will
son: John Rothwell presented 1674 Malew along with others for playing nine holes on Easter day before evening prayers
dau in law: Malew parish register: Mrs Catherine Rothmel als Qualtrough buried 10 December 1727
dau in law: 1st wife of John Rothwell: Malew parish register: Alice Rothmell als Quaile buried 25 July 1690
dau in law (2nd wife of John Rothwell): Catharine Rothwell als Fox als Qualtrough widow & sister? (left a mutton [given
name found in other records, she married 1st Richard Fox (died 1679), children Richard & Catharine & Byron Fox, & 2ndly Mr
John Rothwell, gunner at Castle Rushen, she died 1727 (ArW 1727A #34 Malew, John died 1724/5) of Robert Qualtrough will
1690A #40 Arbory

See Archdeaconal wills transcriptions pdf for further details

Castletown April 17th 1696 This is the last will of Charles Rothmell who was of sound & perfect memory at the makeing thereof; Impris: He declared yt he would alter nothing of his wife’s will. Itm: He bequeathed to his son John a shilling legacy; Lastly, he constituted his daughter Ellin Executrix of all the rest of his goods moveable and immoveable wt:soever Probatum est & solvit Testes Jo: Woods } John Waterson} jurati The Executrix sworn in Court in form of Law The Inventory wthin a month sub paena 10s [next page] Castletown To be annex'd to ye will of Charles Rothmell who deceased in Aprill 1696 Pledges to Secure the office & pay all debts are Mr Robert Colcott & Francis Wolfenden

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