Jane Knacle als Kewn 1695

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Date: 16 June 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1695A #57 Malew will of Jane Knickle alias Kewn, died about March 1695/6:
Summary: husband Thomas Knickle, son Edward, son John Knickle, witnesses & pledges: Henry Radcliffe & John Quark/
Quork/Coark (both Quork and Coark are used)
NOTE: The Malew defuncts dated 3 June 1696, lists her as 'Jane Knekle als Kewin', not as Jane Kneale als Kewin as in the old
Typed Index. As written in the will, the surname could be read 'Knaile or Knacle'. Since the defuncts lists Jane as 'Jane Knekle
als Kewin', I have used the second interpretation of the surname, that is 'Knacle'.

Malew March 1--------[torn] The last will & testament of Jane Kewen who dommitted her body to Christian buriall & her soule to Allmighty God; Itt: Shee bequeathed unto her son Edward Knacle 00 - 2 shill: Legecy Itt: She constituted and ordained her husband Thomas Knacle to be Executour of all her goods moveable and unmoveable; Itt: She left uppone her husband Thomas Knecle to give all his goods moveable & unmovble to his sone Jon: Knacle after his one Death ass wittness our hands & marks Hennery Ratlife my mark X} Jon: Quorke mymarkX ....} jurati The Inventory prized by 4 sworn men ammounts The Exr: sworn in Court according to Law to ........ 00£ - 10s - 00d pbatum est et Solvit ffuneral charges deducted being ..... 00£ - 04s - 06d pledges according to Law Hen: Ratliff & John Coark

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