William Quiggin 1695

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Date: 16 June 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1695A #58 Malew will of William Quiggin, died 15 January 1695/6 of a ‘hedious sickness’:
Summary: wife [Joney Callin] is not mentioned [died 1675, ArW 1675A #120 Malew], dau Margaret Quayle als Quiggin,
brother Thomas Quiggin, witnesses: Edward Shimmin & Ann Craine pledges: Edward Shimmin & Thomas Bridson
will of wife: ArW 1675A #120 Malew will of Joney Quiggin alias Callin, died 24 November 1675: husband William Quiggin
[died January 1695/6, ArW 1695A #58 Malew], 2 children, witnesses Catharine Lowey & Philip Brew
wife: Malew parish register: Jony Quiggin als Callin buried 25 Nov 1675
Malew parish register: William Quiggin married Joney Callin on 24 May 1657 in Malew
son: Malew parish register: son of William Quiggin christened on 21 Feb 1657/8 in Malew
?daughter: Malew parish register: Eliz Quiggin dau of Wm Quiggin buried 9 Sep 1675
?son: Malew parish register: Jo: Quiggin son of Wm: Quiggin buried 17 Oct 1675

Kirk Malue January the 15th or therabout 1695 This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of William Quiggin, qho was sick in body but of perfect memory praised be God for the same: Imprimis he committed his soule to God, and body to Christian burriall; Item he cutt off his brother Tho: Quiggin, and all othr friends and relations pretending any title or right to what he had, whether Land or chattells with 6d pence Legacy a piece; Item he constituted appointed and ordaind Margaret Quaile in regard of her care and trouble toward him in his hedious sicknes sole execx: of all his goods and estate reall and personall The Eecutrx: sworn in witnesses Edward Shimmin X} Court in form of Law Ann Crain his mark X} jurati Probatum est et solvit 1s pledges to secure ye office sub paena 1£ & pay all debts are Edw: Shimmin & Tho: Bridson

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