John Kaighin 1695

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Archdeacon Will 1695A #65 Michael will of John Kaighin, died 19 February 1695/6:
Summary: wife is alive, eldest son Henry, 2nd son John, dau Catharine (only child of age), dau Jane, brother Henry
Kaighin, brother John Kaighin, sister Joney Kaighin, also: Daniel Corlett, Dollin Corlett, witnesses Daniel Corlett &
Thomas Kaighin; pledges: Thomas Kaighin & Philip Cannell and Daniel Corlett & John Kaighin
?dau: Michael parish register: Catherin dau of John Kaighen was christened 4 September 1681 in Michael

KK Mich: Mar ye 26th 1695/6 The last will & Testamt: of Jo: Kaighin who depted ys life ye 19th day of Ffeb: of good & pfect memory in manner & form following First he committed his soul to God and his body to Xtian buriall, Itt: he left & bequeath his pt of ye land, his pte of ye crop of corn, with his pte of ye Team of Oxen and all ye Husbandry gears belonging to ye working of ye arm unto his eldest son Hen: over & above ye rest of ye children, & in case he shud die before he came to enjoy ym yn to descent to his second son or to wm:soever of his children shud survive to be Heir to same. It: he left and bequeathed ye choice chest unto his wife as Legacy. It: he left to his sister Jony a sheep Leg: It: he left unto Dan: Corlet half a hide, one yearling, & his choice of two colts, one pair of drawers, one pair of stockins & ye paymt for two dayes plowing yt was coming from Dollin Corlet in consideration of som accounts yt were between ymselves yt all differences between his wife & ye sd: Corlet might cease for ye future It: he left unto Mr Norris the choice of two Rams at Lammas Legacy; It: he left unto ye witnesses of his will six pence a piece Legacy, It: he left an old ox for ye paymt: of twenty shills: that was due to Jo: Shimmin & other debts wch his wife knew off herself; It: he nominated and appointed his four children to wit, Hen: Jo: Kath: and Jaine jointly his true and lawfull Exrs: of all ye rest of his goods movable & unmovable wtsoever; It: heleft yt there was going from him unto Wm Killey four shills: & six pence and yt thre was coming to him four shills: from Wm Mcylcrist, & if ye sd Mcylcrist woud willingly pay two shill: to Wm Killey, he forgave him ye other two, & if he did nt: he left on himto pay ye ye whole, in presence of: It: he left yt he bought a lock for Dan Corlet his mrk X....} Wm Killey & yt ye sd Killey should Tho: Kaighin his mrk X} either pay for ye lock, or return it jurati unto his Exrs: Kath the onely child at age & one of ye Exrs: is sworn supr visor according to Law, and also the mother probatum est et solvit 1s Henry and Jon: Kaughin are also sworn Suprvisor according to the ffather's direction [next page] The Inventory of ye goods of Jo: Kaighin de-----[fold] and prized by four sworn men to wit Jo: -----[fold] Phill: Cannell, Hen: Kaighin, & Dan: Cor-----[fold] as followeth £ s Imp: In sheep & cattle & horses ................ 02 - 00 - -----[fold] Itt: In houshould goods ........................ 01 - 00 - -----[fold] Itt: The deads pte of ye Team of oxen } and husbandry gears belonging }...... 01 - 07 -----[fold] to ye Heir, prized to ...................} The Goods of ye heir are in the hands of ye eldest daughter, and so also ye half the goods of the Exrs: u-----[fold] age, and hath given pledge or the same Tho: Kaughin & P-----[fold] Cannell The olther half of the goods due to the Exrs: under -----[fold] is in the hands of the mother, who hath give pledges D-----[fold] Curlet & John Kaighin Inventory of ye corn for the heir 20, stoaks in all sorts of corn priced to ............................... 00£ - 10s - 00d secured ut supra

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