Ellin Corlett als Gawne 1695

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Date: 16 June 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1695A #67 Ballaugh will of Ellin Corlett alias Gawne, died about 14 March 1695/6:
Summary: husband is not mentioned, dau Ellin (father is dead), son William, dau Christian dau Bessy:
'poor crippled sister Bessy'(that is, sister of Christian), also called 'decrepit sister'; 
witnesses & pledges: Thomas Corlett & Daniel/Dollin Callister
Michael parish register: Elin Corlett als Gawne buried 27 March 1696
NOTE: At this time, the scribe writing the wills recorded the woman's name the English way when using both the husband's
surname and her maiden surname, but the Manx way when recording only one surname, that is, the woman’s maiden surname.

Ballaugh 1696 The last will & testamt: of Elin Corlett als Gawne being in perfect memory, was buri’d about ye 15th day of March 1695/6 as follows Impris: She committed her soule to God & body to Xtian buriall. Itm: She bequeathed to her daughter Elin a red petticoat a blankett a sheep & a third part of an heffer. Itm: She left to her grandson Wm a yearling calfe. Itm: She appointed & ordained her daughter Christian sole Executrix of all ye rest of her goods movable & imovable & she to looke to & take call ye charge of her poor cripled sister Bessie, The Testator declared that ye 3d pt of a heffer due to ye sd Elin by ye death of her fathr was paid Testes { Tho: Corlet....} {Dollin Callister} jurati The Exrx: sworn in form of Law and hath obliged her self to maintain her decre= pit sister according to the will probatum est et solvit 6d The Invetory included in the will, pledges to secure the office Tho:Curlet & Dollin Callister according to Law

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