Daniel Teare 1695

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Archdeacon Will 1695A #68 Ballaugh will of Daniel Teare, weaver of Kiarlayn, died 5 April 1696:
Summary: 1st wife (Alice Kewn) is dead (died 1693/4, ArW 1692A #73 Ballaugh) & children (John & Ellin), 2nd wife
Margaret Crenilt & youngest child, son John (of age by November 1696), dau Ellin Teare underage, brother Thomas Teare
wife's brother Philip Crenilt, witnesses: Philip Kneale & Thomas Christian, pledges: Philip Kneale & Thomas Kneale
Ballaugh parish register: Dan Tere weaver of Kiarlayn buried 5 April 1696
will of 1st wife: ArW 1692A #73 Ballaugh will of Alice Teare alias Kewn, died 14 March 1693/4: husband Daniel Teare, son
John Teare, dau Ellinor Teare, witnesses: William Kelly & Isabel Christian, pledges: brother in law Thomas Teare & William Kelly
son: Ballaugh parish register: John son of Daniel Teare christened 3 Sep 1681 Ballaugh
dau: Ballaugh parish register: Ellin dau of Daniel Teare christened 20 July 1684
mother of Daniel: AW 1688A #60 Ballaugh will of Ellin Craine alias Stephen alias Teare alias Corlett, died 13 December 1688:
husband Patrick Craine, son in law [also stepson] Thomas Craine (wife [Ellin Teare], they have children), stepdaughter
Margaret Craine, stepdaughter Catharine Craine, son Daniel Teare (married, has children), son John Teare (may be John
Stephen), son Thomas Teare (married, has an eldest son & other children), dau Ellin Teare (married to Thomas Craine), dau?
Joney Craine, dau Isabel or Joney is dead, sister Joney Craine, witnesses & pledges: Thomas Mylrea & Thomas Garrett,
will of half sister of Daniel: ArW 1684A #076 Ballaugh will of Isabel Stephen / Steane, died 17 April 1685: father xxxx Stephen 
is dead, brother Thomas Teare, brother John Teare in Ireland (he may be John Stephen, which is less likely), sister Ellin Teare 
(married [to Thomas Craine], & they have children), brother Daniel Teare, uncle Thomas Stephen, aunt Joney Stephen, aunt Margaret Stephen, 
mother Ellin Craine alias Stephen alias Teare alias Corlett, stepfather Patrick Caine; witnesses: Thomas Mylrea & Thomas Garrett
will of sister of Daniel: ArW 1724A #51 Ballaugh will of Ellinor Craine alias Teare: husband Thomas Craine, dau Mary, dau Ellinor, son
Thomas, son Nicholas, son Patrick, son Gilbert, son William son Daniel, granddau Ellinor, granddau Ellin? Craine, dau in law Margery

Balaugh 1696 The last will & testament of Danll: Tere who was then in perfect memory: he departed this life Aprill ye 5th 1696 He committed his soule to God & his body to Xtian buriall Itm: he left to his two children by his former wife five pounds betwixt them; Itm: he left to ye foresd children his own two weastcoats & a coupple of shirts. Itm: he left to his wives brother Phillip Crenilt his old or wearing cloathes. Itm: he left to his youngest child a sheep. Itm: He left constitued appoinged & ordained his wife Margt Tere als Crenilt his sole Executrx: of all ye rest of his goods movable & imovable, she bringing up his sd youngest child, wch if she refused to doe, then he left ye sd child his sole Execr: as abovesd: Itm: he declared yt Tho: Tere owed him 3£ 3s, Jon: Cally 200s, widow Kindred 6s 10d, Jone Cowley 12s, Itm: he left 6d to each of ye witnesses of his will The Exrx: sworn in Court according to Law and dost oblige her self & her Exrs: to bring up the child according to the will Testes { Philip Kneall } pbatum est et solvit 1s { Tho: Christian} jurati John Tear son of Dan Tear being at Lawfull The Inventory taken according to Law amts to 05£ - 02s - 06d years came to the records and doth acknowledge the receipt of his proporcon of his ffathers goods vizt: 2£ 10s, and doth acquit and discharge all pties concernd witness his subscripcon this 2d o Nov: 1696 Jo: Tear his mrk X pledges Phillip Kneal & Tho: Kneel according to Law coram me Jo: Curphey Regr: The pporcon of goods due to Ellin Teare dughter to the above Danniell Tear doth with the consent of her brother Jon: remain in the hands of her unkell Thomas Tear (being the summ of 2£ 10s) who hath given pledges for the forthcoming of the same for her use and & interest thereof for her use, Jo: Cally,&Will: Ratliff [next page] Aprill ye 5th 1697 William Curlet intrs his claime agt the Exrs: of Dan: Tear for the summe of 2s 4d due &c [on the bottom third of the page containing ArW 1695A #68 Ballaugh:]

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