Bahie Kneale 1695

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Date: 15 June 2017
Original: 0106207

Archdeacon Will 1695A #71 Andreas will of Bahie xxxx alias Kneale, died 11 December 1695:
Summary: husband is not mentioned, has children, father William Kneale, brother in law DanielChristian(? a sister's
husband or her husband's brother, witnesses William Kneale & Daniel Christian, witnesses: Ewan Christian & John Kneale
NOTE: The will indicates the parish is Andreas, but the old Typed Index 
indcates this is a Marown will, or at least proved in Marown.

Andrews This is affirmed to be the last will of Bahee Kneale who was buried the 11th of Decembr 1695, being of good & pfect memory, ffirst she committed her soul unto God and her body to Xtian buriall. Itm: she apointed her father Wm Kneale and brother in law Dan: Xtian Exrs: of all her goods whatsoever, and to pay her Debts as far as her goods could extend, and after paymt of the Debts her children to have e---[fold] share with her Exrs: afore menconed in the remainder of her goods if any were. Wm Kneale & Dan Xtian are sworne according to the Testes Willm: Kneal} will in form of Law Dan Xtian ....} jurati Probatum est et solvit 4d The Inventory priced in form of Law amts to ...... 00£ - 17s - 0---- The goods in ye Exrs: hands who have given pledges in form of Law Ewan Xtian & Jo: Kneale

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