Daniel Quane 1695

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Date: 15 June 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1695A #72 Andreas will of Daniel Quane, weaver, made 12 July 1695:
Summary: wife [Jane Cormode] is alive [remarried Philip Wade, & dead by 1702], son John Quane (underage), brother
John, brother William, brother Charles, sister Joney, sister in law (wife's sister) Catharine Cormode, witnesses: John
Teare & John Curghey, pledges John Saile / Sayle [from England] & John Tear,
Andreas parish register: Dan Quane married Jane Cormode in January 1679/80 in Andreas
Bride parish register: Joney Quane buried 10 August 1701 ?married to Philip Wade
will of brother: ArW 1671A #56 Bride will of James Quane infant, died about 15 February 1671/2, mother Joney Quane alias
Christian died about 10 years previously: mother Joney Quane alias Christian died 10 years previously (will in Episcopal
Books), siblings: William, John, Daniel / Donold, Charles, & Joney Quane
mother: Episcopal Wills books 1660-1665: Bride will of Joney Quane alias Christian
will of father: ArW 1683A #23 Bride will of John Quane, died 29 January 1683/4: 2nd wife Joney Kn----- is alive, son William,
dau Joney, son Charles, son John, son Daniel, also John Lace & brother Michael Lace, John Joughin of German, Mark
Christian, Mr Thomas Radcliffe of Knockaloe; witnesses & pledges: John Christian & David Sayle

Andreas 1695 In the name of God Amen, I Dan: Quane sick and weak in body but in memory sound & pfect praised be God for the same do make this my last Will in manner as following: Imprmis: I commendmy precious soul into the hands of Al= mighty God and my body to Xtian buriall; Itm: I leave and bequeath to my dear & loveing wife the bed whereon I lye in the same manner as it now stands as Legacie; It: I leave what corn & meale is in the house or ood for my ffamily & not to be prized. Itm: I leave what wool is in the house to be spun and made into cloth to pay our Debts, and not to be priced, Itm: to my sd wife her small spinning wheel vizt: a linnen wheele; Itm: I leave with the consent of my wife my loomes to my son when he shall be ffit to make use of it, with all materialls belonging to it. Itm: I doe nominate and appoint my son John Quane my lawfull Exr: of all the rest of my goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever, and if my sd son dye before lawfull years or before he have any issue lawfully begotten, or if he shall be judged incapable of makeing use of the same, my will is then that my wife shall have the whole of my goods, paying such Legacies as are here after specifyed vizt: to my Brother John eight shillings. Itm: to my bro= ther William eight shillings Legacie. To my brother Charles 2s-6d and to my sister Jony 6d Legacie. But if my wife and after my wifes decease (if my sd son do dye without lawfull issue or before he come to lawfull years, or intestate, or be thought and judged incapable of useing my goods) my will is then that my sd Brethren shall have the 4th part of my sd goods, the Legacies aforesaid included; Itm: I do appoint my sd Brothren supervisors of my sd son; Itm: I do leave the goods and tuition of my sd son to my wife dureing his minority. Itm: I doe leave to my sister in law Kath: Cormode 6d Legacie. I Leave what ffishe and other provisions in the house for their food and my chist to my wife. Itm: I leave to John Tear 6d, To the Curate a mutton, To my wife all hi shapen woollen & linens. To testify this to be my Last Will I have subscribed my name & mrk this 12th of July Anno predicto Testes John Tear ......} Dan: Quane my mrk X John Curghey} jurati John Tear one of the witnesses saith that the Testator left to his said wife the woollen wheel & what black woole was in the house; allowed the wife with the consent of the Supervisors The wife with the Supervisors Will: & John Quane are sworn in Court in form of Law pbatum est et solvit 1s [next page] The Inventory prized according to Law £ s amounts to the summ of .................. 03 - 07 - ----[fold] sheep, cor &c ........................... 01 - 06 - 11 More in Mortgaged Lands.................. 02 - 10 - 00 07 - 3 - 11 The Goods and tuition of the child in the hands of the mother according to the will who hath given pledges ac cording to Law William Quane John Sail & John Tear Debts to be deducted out of the above Inventory 17s 7 - 3 - 11 Expended upon John Quane by his Unkell 0 - 17 - 00 William Quane before he got any benefit 6 - 6 - 11 for copy of ye will 5d, To the Sumner 12d, for an order 6d, for a Copy of Con= tract 6d, To the Regr 2d Itm: 4 yds at dj: cloth 2s, for a coat 2s-2d, a shirt 1s 4d, for dressing 5d Octobr 18th 1702 Then received at and from the hands of Phillip Wade Exr: to Jane Quan his wife, the sume of 6£ - 6s - 11d, being the full of what goods has been Inventaried for the use of our nephew John Quaine, who is now in our tuition, and doe not onely in his behalf discharge the said Phillip Wade his Exrs: or Adminstr: But also give bonds for the good usage of the said John Quaine, and the forthcomeing of his Goods, for his use and maintenance witness our subscripcons The day and year first above written William Quaine my mrk X pledges in form of Law John Quaine my mrk X Wm Tear & William Cotter Charles Quaine mrk X [on a slip of paper:] A true acount of what wee gave to our friend Jon: Quane twoo yeards and a halfe of Russett cloth ..... 2s - 4d three yeards and a half pleddin ............... 2 - 5 for makeing his close ......6d for a day I spen seeking for the cloth 3d, and a peny for threed 4d, at ye Court 5d, for chargeing yd Sheading Jury 12d, for Recording his Bargan of ye lands and 12d for a coppy and 2d to Tho: Cowel with ye coppy to a Court to a man for speaking in English in our behalf to gett an order ... 12s-2d, for hearings 9d, to charge wittnesses to the sheading Jury 2d; the whole sum is ten shilling 9d half penny

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